Telikom can X’cess SMS now


USERS of Telikom’s X’cess fixed wireless telephones will now enjoy sending messages using the new available short messages service (SMS).
The X’cess wireless SMS was launched last Friday and users can now send SMS apart from outgoing and receiving voice calls.
The good news is that an SMS only costs three toea and the X’cess fixed wireless phones are charged at the normal price of K55 with outgoing calls for only six toea per minute.
Telikom PNG chief executive officer Peter Loko said the SMS was a reliable way to communicate and simple and cheap to use.
“Our main aim is to enhance our customers’ experience of using the X’cess fixed wireless phones where we have introduced the SMS access,’’ Mr Loko said.
“People living in the rural areas such as villages will also benefit from this service as soon as we put up our coverage towers which are about 20km to 30km apart,’’ Mr Loko said.
“And we hope that the more customers we have will enable us to interconnect with other service providers using the fixed wireless telephones”, he said.
Telikom already has a plan established to have their coverage towers put up in the rural areas once negotiations with landowners have been done so that the people in villages can also have access to this cheaper means of communication service.
Product management manager Robin Robert said the fixed wireless phones also had internet access and USB connection.
“Our next big step in making the X’cess fixed wireless phones more enhanced is we are looking at creating FM radio and solar power multiple chargers for those in the villages”, he said.
Mr Robert also said that apart from the major centres already with fixed wireless and internet access phones, by the end of March Telikom will be able to have 16 more sites access their fixed wireless and internet services.
He said Telikom was also looking at other new innovations including dual phones that can be used as mobile phones with sim cards that can also have fixed wireless access.
He said X’cess fixed wireless phone users would get more surprises in the coming months.


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