First Sighting of My Baby

16 weeks into the pregnancy and I was truly overcome by a magical feeling when I saw my baby for the first time. Okay its not actual sight but an image created by sound and light but at least some sign that everything is all good so far.

But Wow, to think that we can create life just like that. So small and yet already so active, watch the video below and see it move around and everything. I’d like to imagine that its a sign of future traits that its gonna be some ‘Disco Baby’ that likes to party like me, or that it will be some great rugby player and actually play for the Pukpuks unlike myself. But of course its probably just because we were probing with the scan or because we just had lunch before we came over to the doctors’. I wonder if the baby is dreaming or even awake yet?

We can’t tell the sex just yet but funnily enough everyone else who has seen this video thinks that because its active its going to be a boy. But I don’t know, you can never really tell can you?


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