BSP Does It Again?!

Ok so I noticed this some months ago but I’ve only got around to taking the pictures to show you the similarities between a current pop music video and BSP’s ‘Love Your Bank’ promotion.

So this is a shot of Ryan Pini underwater doing the ‘I Love My Bank’ hand signal. See video here:


And these are shots from the music video ‘One Love’ by David Guetta feat. Estelle.

Now if anyone from BSP is reading this, please don’t think that I have an agenda against BSP. I do all my banking with BSP. I have no intention of leaving, but this is coming from a purely marketing concern in terms of still wanting my bank to be original and to perhaps spend some money on their teller service so that I do not have to spend one and a half hours in a bank each time I have to go to my branch. 


7 thoughts on “BSP Does It Again?!

  1. yeah… that hand love symbol is very universal… ive seen a few campaigns using this…. but you’re right in the sense that BSP needs to be more unique, more as a individual when coming up with ideas for marketing campaigns.. more in the theme of PNG and not western influence….. maybe a collaboration of both.

    Hell, pay me and I’ll come up with the concepts 🙂

  2. yeah that was actually started by a couple of students to promote peace and love.. i think its a joke that a bank claiming to be ‘PNG’ uses this. even more laughable that they are actually PAYING an agency to come up these ideas when they ARE CLEARLY someone elses concepts. BSP was willing to destroy a heritage listed building (painting their building in town fluro green) to be different from the rest. but when it comes down to their campaigns seem to affraid to be different by REPLICATING what has been done (and worked) for others… but thank you BSP, for the laugh.

  3. Being a banker myself, I certainly think is a strategic marketing direction that I probably would not have been advocating at this juncture. If your customer value propositions do not endear themselves to being “loved”, then I would suggest, as Manu has said, focusing on ensuring that you are worthy of being loved!!.

    Interestingly, I understand also that this marketing is being driven out of a PNG based marketing firm.

  4. The problem is we’re watching too many TV adverts from the other countries.. and copying the ideas and then thinking that PNGeans are don’t have access to paytv channels so they wouldn’t know that a concept was copied. Papua New Guineans aren’t as ignorant as before..

  5. The irony is you’ve been standing in the queue for the last 1 hr and the ad keeps repeating over and over again… “love your bank”…

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