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Pacific Pulse
one ocean – many stories
Pacific Pulse ventures beyond the headlines with feature stories from Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia that reflect contemporary life across the Pacific and recognise the strengths, hopes, achievements and aspirations of the region.
Episode 3
Sydney 17 February, 2010 – In this episode of Pacific Pulse, Tania Nugent is on tour with Fiji’s Rugby 7’s team. World Cup winners on two occasions, in this tournament, Fiji is up against its neighbours, 9 challengers from other island nations at the Pacific Mini Games, held once every four years.  These games are in the Cook Islands and we’re there as Fiji tackles Tonga, then sizes up the Samoans, who are just as determined to win in the wake of the tsunami that’s devastated their country.
Pacific Pulse will be broadcast across the Pacific in the following time zones:
Sat 20th February       22:20   American Samoa
                        23:20   Cook Islands
                                French Polynesia
Sun 21st February       18:20 Palau
                        19:20   Guam
                                Northern Marianas
                                 Papua New Guinea
                        20:20    Federated States of Micronesia         
                                New Caledonia  
                                Solomon Islands
                        21:20    Kiribati
                                Marshall Islands        
                                Wallis and Futuna
                        22:20   Fiji
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2 thoughts on “This Weekend on Pacific Pulse

  1. Dear Emmanuel,

    thanks for putting this out there. Your support for Pacific Pulse is greatly appreciated. We also have a new addition to the website, where people can upload their stories, photos, etc…

    Look forward to seeing you in March when I come for Australia Week. And to all the other followers of Masalai Blog – come to the OzFest concert on Saturday the 13th and Lamana Gold.

    Zennith and Urthboy – a guarantee of great music and good times.

    see you on the dance floor.

    Tania Nugent

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