Testing the WordPress App for BlackBerry

So after several days of frantically trying to get back to my PC to check emails each day due to a large spate of meetings that have engulfed me, I finally decided to buy a BlackBerry from Digicel.

They’re on special at the moment till March 31st and they’re selling at K990.

Yesterday was another full day of meetings and sorting out my travel arrangements because I’m off on a trip around the pacific courtesy of the Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialougue (www.epld2.com). But it gave me my first days experience of dealing with all my emails in PNG without once stepping back into the office. I haven’t been able to do this since 2003 when I was in Australia using the ‘3’ network on a Motorolla A25 (if I remember correctly).

Ahhh well for PNG this really is living. By the way I just downloaded the WordPress App for BlackBerry’s and I’m typing this post from my BlackBerry while I’m sitting at Ela Beach with Callista watching life go by. Check out the pic I just took of the plastic floaty salesman.

How nice to be connected on the go, that is until Callista shoots me anther death stare to get off the ‘CrackBerry’ again.

4 thoughts on “Testing the WordPress App for BlackBerry

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