An Exorcism at Erima

I’ve always heard footsteps and bumps upstairs when sitting in my office downstairs. But I always ignored it without much thought.
And yes this is when no one was upstairs.

This has continued for the last 2 years or so but strangely since Callista became pregnant the noises have increased.

After much discussion about what sort of paranormal activity it might be, our neighbours enlightened us that someone had actually passed away in the house. Now that was scary, especially with a baby on the way. And also since Ill be away while Callista is here by herself.

So who do you call? No not Ghostbusters, but your local Parish Priest from Erima, that’s who. So my mother organised Fr. Paul to come over to bless the house and to release the poor soul that’s been squatting in our home.

Its Saturday today and as we’re about to begin another neighbour who knows Fr Paul pops in to join in the prayers. She also confirms that someone did die in the house but that it was 2 babies that had passed away. One upstairs to one family and another downstairs to another family. Now finally that makes sense, no wonder, they were reacting to another child in the house.

All the prayers and blessings have been bestowed on the house now with a wholsale holy water sprinkling session. So I hope that the poor ghost can now move on.

I guess we’ll find out tonight…


6 thoughts on “An Exorcism at Erima

  1. Before all you skeptics start taking the mickey out of Emmanuel. let me tell you a story from a few years back. This is 100% genuine.

    I was walking down to Fort Banner (UPNG housing estate) one night and saw a woman in a dark cape (like maybe she had a bilum hanging from her head). She was standing under a street light and started walking towards me. Thinking it was maybe a friend I turned towards her and when she was about 10 metres from me I realised that I could see the street light THROUGH her! Then she dissolved into nothing.

    I wasn’t scared, just curious. I told the story to my friends at the market (yes I had some buai, but no booze!), and they told me that a woman had been murdered by jealous tambus at that exact same spot 3 years before, and several other people had seen her apparition.

    Well a few weeks later I woke up with a start one night and saw the same woman standing in the doorway to my bedroom. I shouted to her (thinking someone had broken in) and again she just disappeared!

    I told a friend of mine who was a Pastor about these experiences and he said he would come over and pray with me to get rid of this ‘bad’ or angry spirit. He did, and I never saw her again!

    Later I heard that this woman was a lecturer at the Uni and had just been told she had a scholarship to go overseas. Her husbands family got very jealous about this (as they couldn’t go), and murdered her. Her lost and frustrated spirit has been wandering around Fort Banner since then, but hopefully my Pastor friend’s prayers have put her soul to rest.

    You can say what you like, but I swear to God that this is a true story. Some pretty weird shit happens in PNG!

    Wailo pangrawa!

  2. Hi Peter,
    Your revealing of these events in your life only goes to prove that life in the spiritual realms does exist and GOD who is spirit is REAL. I believe we have a body that is inhibited by a soul spirit.

    So taim ol man kilim body nau spirit em faol raun nabaut stap, ah laka? At that very spot because its habitat (the body) is destroyed.

  3. Good thing you got someone to come in and pray manwella. That is a tragic story. Did the two families live in the house at the same time?

    I never used to believe in all these ‘ghost/spirit sightings’ but woke up one early morning and thought ‘my brother’ was standing in the lounge. Only realised it wasn’t him until his initial loud footsteps suddenly ended (they would’ve continued if he had gone to his bedroom or down the stairs) but none of that happened. They just stopped (yes, as if he had disappeared into thin air). My cousin was there with me as well, so it wasn’t all just in my head.

  4. “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


    (God bless him!)

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