Act Now! and be heard

It was bound to happen and in many ways it had already begun. Besides some of our more regular PNG bloggers like, Malum Nalu, Trupela, Tavurvur and Keith Jackson, (just to name a few). It appears that with the looming 2012 elections a number of other sites specifically targeted towards politics have sprouted from the public.

There are some like Crime and Corruption and the Wake Up PNG blog that have been around for a little as well, but what is noticeable about these new ones are the urgency to create a debate leading to action.

Act Now! is perhaps the only blog I know of at this stage that is taking a very proactive stance in apporaching this. Here’s some info about them from a media annoucement:

“A new not-for-profit organization called ACT NOW! has been launched on the internet at

ACT NOW!, has been created to remind everyone of the importance of Papua New Guinea’s National Goals and Directive Principles and to help ordinary people have a voice in the future of their nation.

Membership of ACT NOW! is free and is open to anyone who wants to get involved in building a better PNG.

PNG faces many problems including widespread violence against women, appalling health and education services, a crumbling infrastructure and the poor management and oversight of major resource projects. 

Underpinning many of these problems is widespread and pervasive corruption that seems to be growing out of control.

ACT NOW! aims to address these problems and reassert the important role our National Goals and Directive Principles can play in building a better PNG.

As a nation we have many strengths including abundant natural resources, a rich cultural heritage and resilient people with many skills but the interests of ordinary people are not being protected and their voices are not being heard when decisions are made about our future.

ACT NOW! is funded through voluntary donations and is totally independent and not affiliated to any organization (private, government or non-government) or any political party or politician”.

You can also download their latest Media Release here . With 500 or so members so far and over 300 fans on their Facebook fan page, the fact that so many people have joined in little over a week goes to show something about the feeling of the public and their demands for change.

To further add to this two way dialougue on politics,  political opinion groups are also being launched on the ever expanding Facebook. Another group that has also seen a quick rise in membership is ‘PNG Politicians – Views About Your Respective National Parliamentarians‘. I like their feature where they’ve uploaded pictures of members of Parliament so that you can give your comments on them.

So let the dialougue begin and lets keep talking, asking, analysing, resolving and reviewing as we approach 2012.


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