George Telek & Ngaiire Joseph – West Papua

It certainly is a pleasure to see George Telek working with our younger stars like Ngaiire Joseph and Airi Ingram.

Check out this new Telek film clip to accompany his new releases,  Akave in Australia,and Pairap Gen in PNG. It’s an Airi Ingram remix of West Papua(merdeka mix).

Something tells me we might be seeing some live acts soon in Oz and PNG, lets listen to the music and see.

15 thoughts on “George Telek & Ngaiire Joseph – West Papua

  1. Great clip, such a great version of this song! Thanks for posting it. It’s always a pleasure to see music-related entries in your blog … thanks again.

      1. No waris, Emmanuel … it’s all good. Music is one of my main obsessions, so I made that comment. But you’re the blogger … you’ve got to follow your own interests. I’m happy to be a reader and I’m looking forward whatever you’ve got in store for us.

  2. Ngaiire Joseph- it is good to see you again with George. I lost you for a while. I wondered where you ended up after Australian Idol. You were one of my fav on that show. Budiful voice!

  3. This song always makes me cry. Thank you, George! I linked to the original version from page 37 in my online graphic novel at because that video uses clips from the late Mark Worth’s Land of the Morning Star movie, and a lot of the e-book is based on scenes from the film.

    August 3rd will be a major day of protest in West Papua. Even after 48 years of occupation, the demonstrations are getting bigger. Freedom will happen – it must.

    Papua Merdeka!

  4. Hello, i ran across this video and i really liked it. Indonesia has been on my mind a lot for some reason, the only thing is, i dont know indonesian. I understand it is talking about freedom, but is there a place i could see the lyrics in english? It’s a beautiful sounding song!

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