Hard Work Pays Off

Source: Digicel PNG

“Self sacrifice is all part of the job but it certainly pays off in the end!” – These are the words from, Nicole Vate.

Welcome to the life of a very committed and hard working woman; an easy-going person who takes her job very seriously and, pushes for things to get done in her team. She knows her job and does it well despite having to be at work at eight in the morning and to leave after six in the evening. .

Nicole comes from a family of four and hails from East New Britain and New Ireland.

She attended school here in Port Moresby; starting her primary education at Coronation then to Marianville Secondary School and later to Port Moresby National High where she completed Grades 11 and 12. After national high, she was selected for the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) where she completed a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Resource. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in 2001.

After completing school, Nicole worked with Westpac Bank. The following year, she joined Red Cross PNG where she worked as a Program Officer on Projects. She loved the job and in return, it took her to most of the provinces within the country and also overseas.
She worked there until June 2007 when Digicel came into PNG and started their pre-launch recruitment and she decided to apply. She was one of the pioneer employees of Digicel here in PNG. She started off with the Human Resource department where she took care of recruitment; making sure that all staff travel and accommodation was taken care of and, organized functions for all the staff.

In July 2007, she was moved over to Sales and Distribution and worked as a Distribution Executive. Through her commitment and continuous hard work resulting in good results, Nicole was recommended for the position of Distribution Manager as there was a vacancy. In late 2008, Nicole worked as the Distribution Manager-In Training until February last year where she was promoted to the permanent position of Distribution Manager.

When asked what her job is all about, she says, “I take care of the Distribution of Digicel products into the channels on a daily basis and make sure that there is sufficient stock”.

In other words, I ensure that the distribution of phones, SIM cards, Flex cards and accessories to Digicel customers is happening everyday and that there is enough stock to meet our customers demands’.

She said; “The job is very challenging but not in the sense that it makes me give up but instead motivates me to love the job and do more for it. It is all about team work at Digicel so you are constantly learning from other team members and superiors which is very motivating as well. The Distribution team is very cooperative which makes my job easier and more attainable”.

“For those who want to make it in life, the world is at your feet. Look at life in a positive way and remember that every challenge comes with a sacrifice but it surely pays off at the end of the day”, she said.

Distribution Manager Nicole Vate and Customer Care Manager Vetau Roga are back in PNG after attending the Digicel (EMBA) Executive Management Business Administration program. They were among 16 employees who were selected from across Digicel’s 32 telecommunications markets worldwide to complete a one week, intensive, experiential program for Digicel’s emerging management talents.


13 thoughts on “Hard Work Pays Off

  1. So very glad PNG women are getting up to the top of the employment ladder.Go Girl ! sky is the sky:she is correct in saying,one has to work hard to get there.It is good to see that she is getting there.

    Go Nicole go.But along the way,watch out for those who may need your input in that work place.Like you said,you like the Team work attitude.OK girl build on that and you will find good wall of hard working team around you.

    PNG has to wake up to the fact that PNG women also have the capacity to make it in this world so as not to discourage the women folk in their strive to do make it to the top.Many times “others” have used sexual harassment to dissuade the effort for these women fork to get there.

    Hope that PNG authorities will have in place “Safe guards” to protect the vulnerable members of the workforce.We can work side by side for the good of the PNG economy and also for our self worth and for our families

    We should be proud of our people and encourage them; be they female or male, when they do get up to the top echelon of their work environment or are attempting to get there.And especially when they have done the hard “yakka” and got the proper qualification for the job.

    I ABSOLUTELY hate with all my being the Political appointees,wish they all go and mange hell and all that pertains to that place of misearable place.

  2. Congratulations vavi Nicole on the achievements over the past years.I myself have learnt alot from you during the short time i have been working with you. I trully admire you for the perserverance, hard work and committment you have put into your work and , how it had taken you.

    Bottomline, as a Papua New Guinean woman, I am very proud of big sisters like Nicole ; who are paving a path for us to follow us and many upcoming PNG women to follow in the years to come.

    Afterall, the hard work does pay off in the end.

  3. I have great respect for Nicole..She works hard and is very committed..She has shown that hard does pay off!!!!!! Keep it up Nicole!!

  4. Its good to know that we have women like Nicole who are take the challenges head on and make a difference in our country. Keep it up Nicole.

  5. Go Girl. That’s what we want to see … local PNG people running the company and Digicel freed from all the ex-pats who are currently holding tight to their positions because of thousands of dollars or Euros they get paid.

    Why can’t local PNG people lead the show and show expats the real PNG Attitude.

    Local PNG employees would mean more tax for the government unlike all expats who don’t pay any taxes to the PNG goverment.

    What a rip-off !!!

    1. Eugene interesting you mention this, I was just wondering today about how management of large businesses tend to stick to their ethnic/racial backgrounds.

      For example take a look at the top management of companies and you begin to see it. Digicel has mainly Irish, Steamships is mainly UK, City Pharmacy is mainly Indian, RH is mainly Malaysian, Ramu Nickel is Chinese and so on.

      But there are always exceptions to the rules

  6. Hi All,

    We Papua New Guineans must learn and that these “Outsiders” come into the country on all sorts of risks and all other allowances on top of their fortnightly salary.The company Flat or house and free school for their kids,and off course company car.Joining clubs and dinning out on company credit cards. They have never had it so good!!How would you not go out your way to make sure you have people around you who are from the same or similar background or society.They all will have vested interest in being there ; “They suck on each other” and milk the lower paid workers (PNGs )hard.Who said life is fair?One group against another!!so it goes.

    The National Government has to see this and make amendments to the law governing the “outside elements” coming into jobs that PNGs can do.And sad to say,in all facet of the National Governments history,PNGs are thought of last.Or by the way,most of our elite work force have left the nation of PNG and are now working all over the world.

    In any family if home life is not good the children when they reach certain age leave or “run” for it.They find that life is better out there and so they turn their back on their home(the mother land).The scenario above can be devastating and critical for a country that is struggling to grow in all areas of development.You and many others are left in limbo and on the side because of the Government of the day.We must come to grip hold of these truths and do something about it in the next election.

    With you all I suffer in silence.Really we need to unite not “Mi b’long dispela line na yu b’long where”, that has to stop and now!I am sick and tired of the younger generation still carrying “pasin” b’long ol papa line.You and I need to hold hands and look pass that rubbish ‘pasin’ and be determined to forge ahead with determination with HOPE tomorrow will be better for our children and grand children.How about it??!!

    1. Yep Paul,
      I get so very upset and frustrated with what I can see is/has been happening around PNG for the past 30 or so years: and to the very silent majority who just put up with all that crap that goes on.I am very passionate about the welfare of my people but helpless because I want to contribute put I also have strings attached.There is yet hope in the not so distance “bihain taim”.God help us all,hope its the next election.

  7. Hi Judy,

    have a look at the Act Now website. They are really starting to get PNG people motivated. Maybe you can help?

  8. I am the older sister of Nicole and I was diagnsed with agressive breast cancer in PNG November 2008/Australia February 2009. I would have lost my life if it was not for the answered prayers and financial support to pay for life saving breast cancer treatment. PNG does not have what it takes to medically diagnose and treat cancers in particular my cancer. We need the equipments and the man power to technically and medically manage cancer treatment in PNG. Being in Australia I have come to hear about some able national doctors who work and live outside of PNG. We need them in PNG. Someday our country will be able to fight to keep them at home so they cn work to savethe lives of their fellow PNGuineans.

    I am alive today because of my sisters hard work and determination to emotionally and financially support me here in Australia. And our family is blessed to have the support of her job and work mates. Believeing in her hard work has paid off. To be recognised alone in itself is not enough whats important is the recognisition of friendship of work mates who stand by you in your times of hardship. Work mates make the team that lands you the upper hand as Team Leader. Nicole and I are lucky to be schooled wisdom from our old man.

    I have been given a second chance to be a mother for a little while longer because of my sister’s commitment to ensuring I recieve the best treatment she can provide with the help of my extended family.

    Thankyou Digicel for showing you appreciate the life my sister is giving to your company.

    Love and God Bless You all
    Big Sis in Australia

  9. Hey,

    Did you hear about Digicel snooping people’s SMS messages including people within the political arena? The top management runs this company as if they are running their kitchen with nothing coming in the way to they do things.

    As long as there is this level of disrespect and lack of professionalism, I don’t see this company doing any good to PNG.

  10. Heather,

    I fully agree with you. I am not surprised at all with your comments. Its not just SMS snoopng but they are also known to hire private investigators to keep an eye on certain indiduals at the ministry.

    What is this company? A phone company or KGB?

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