Miss Melanesia Australia 2010

Most Facebookers would have seen this flyer already. So I asked Philly of ‘Chasing Entertainment’ to tell us what this was all about and how they came up with this project. This is what she had to say:

“Miss Melanesia Australia 2010 was thought up on a boring Saturday when Damien Mobbs aka Tuff Tumas and I were having lunch about 3 months ago. The idea behind this was to unite our great Melanesian nations, we understand that we are a large community and there are not a lot of events or community based projects that that represent Melanesia.

The thought was for young people to stand up for their culture and their heritage in this modern day Brisbane. The idea expanded as most great notions do, and we thought, well, why not make it a Pageant, not only a beauty pageant, but a cultural awareness and promotional event. The idea was new to us and we thought that getting the right team together to create this unique event would be hard, it wasn’t. The people of Melanesia here in Brisbane stood up and offered their support. From this event, we hope to raise cultural awareness, unite communities toward common goals, promote our heritage, create and restore friendships, ties, etc. At the end of the day, it has always been about the people, it is for them, and we are so proud of our individual cultures and the links that ties us together and want to share it with the world.”
The following is the press release. Please feel free to ask anything, just email. 

 Miss Melanesia Australia 2010 is looking for a special woman who encompasses Melanesia in body, mind, and spirit. This special young woman will have the strength and determination to succeed and survive in this modern day and age with the grace, reverence and ability to treasure her heritage. Miss Melanesia Australia 2010 will be a great night of Melanesia culture, dance & performance and not to be missed. It’s a great opportunity to display the uniqueness of each individual culture plus all the characteristics of Melanesia that unite our cultures.
This year’s theme is “Domestic Violence” so part of proceeds will be donated to the work of Amnesty International. The final 12 contestants have already been selected and include 4 girls from PNG, 2 from Solomon Islands, 2 from Fiji, 3 from Vanuatu and 1 South Sea Islander.
Our Host is Tania Nugent. Tania Nugent is a television presenter and producer with Australia Network. She will be joined by special guests including Mr Paul Nerau, Consul-General Papua New Guinea and Will Genia who is the captain of the QLD Reds Super 14 side and current ARU Wallabies scrumhalf. Artists performing on the night are Sharzy(Solomon Islands) Paulini(FIJI) and Jamie Lee(PNG) & guests.
This Formal event will be held on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at The Presidential Ballroom – SEBEL CITIGATE at 6:00pm.
Tickets include a 3 course dinner & drinks and a host of Melanesian entertainment for all to enjoy
Adults (18+) = $100 *Tables of 10 are available at a reduced rate on enquiry.
Students (13 -17) = $50 *Buy two adults & a student ticket and get a second student ticket free
Tickets will only be sold until June 5th, 2010. They will no longer be available after that. Contact Philma Kelegai for tickets in Brisbane by calling 0413915234 or purchase online plus booking fee at 


2 thoughts on “Miss Melanesia Australia 2010

  1. Let me play the “devils advocate” by these few points below;
    .Make sure not so many hands in the ‘cash register’
    .Have some wise Elders in the organizing team
    .Also other people especially those with business mind
    .Others who have had experience in similar background
    .There has to be one leader and all others build a wall of support and so on.

    On the whole it’s a great idea about coming together as a people with our own different unique cultures and lifestyles; also raising money for a very worthwhile cause in the Pacific Nations of today.Domestic violence is bad across the board ,young lives those that witness (DV) carry the scar for the rest of their lives.Yeah,go for it but remember it’s hard work getting here and importantly to keep it going year after year.

    I wish all the best anyway,you have my support.

    Fellow Melanesian meri

  2. To: The Organisers of Miss Melanesia 2010

    As a fellow Papua New Guinean I have a few questions about the contest.

    1. What is the purpose of the event??

    2. Where do the proceeds go??

    3. The event seems rushed. Take for example the Miss PNG contest which is held every year in November. Contestants fundraise and volunteer to be part of an organisation for almost half a year before the actual crowning in November.What I want to know is what have these 12 contestants done in terms of volunteering and fundraising?? What organisations have they volunteered with to raise awareness of ‘Domestic Violence’?? Or just volunteered to help a cause?? What fundraising have they done to help contribute to the event and Domestic Violence?? Are people going to be voting solely on looks??

    4. While Will Genia is a recognised PNG sports man and we’re all proud of his achievements wouldn’t it be more fitting and appropriate to have someone from an Organisation relating to Domestic Violence make an appearance and speak on the issue??

    5. Once the winner is crowned, what will her duties involve??

    There has been no mention of what the girls have part been of or what duties the winner will carry out??

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the event. I applaud and commend the organisers for putting the event together to recognise all Melanesian women. I strongly believe the contestants should have been part of an organisation and fundraised to give something back to the cause, what exactly are they standing for??

    Kind Regards,

    Shauna Turner

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