NASFUND Launches Phase 2 of TEXTBAL


If you are a member of NASFUND and have access to a DIGICEL phone, you can now retrieve your NASFUND superannuation balance in two easy steps anytime you wish.

1. Press *627* enter your membership number followed by # key.
2. Press send.

Your Superannuation balance will be sent via text straight to your phone.

Note:1.You will not be charged for this call
 2.This service works only on Digicel phones
 3.There is no registration involved and
 4.This service operates 24 hours a day


10 thoughts on “NASFUND Launches Phase 2 of TEXTBAL

  1. Did you hear that Landline Internet Mobile Entertainment (LIME) formerly Cable & Wireless is hiking it’s prices right across the board including internet, mobile and land line service effective July 1st 2010. Most LIME users here in the Cayman Islands are outraged, and I hear that many are choosing to switch over to DIGICEL instead, “The Bigger Better Network” “Digicel is a much better option. They offer better service, better pricing plans, far better customer service, and they are reliable and solid during times of inclement weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. There is no question in my mind, and I have already switched over to DIGICEL, DIGICEL, DIGICEL, DIGICEL ALL THE WAY!!! I have also read that because of the backlash, LIME has decided not to increase their fees in Antigua and Barbuda… However, it is my belief that LIME is simply trying to pull a fast one on Antigua and Barbuda… It is just a matter of time before increases are felt right throughout the region… The people have been warned… Take Heed and know that Digicel is a much better alternative!!! Go DIGICEL GO!”

  2. have just been charged 25t for checking my nasfund balance using the *627* way of checking bal using my digicel. pls clarify note# 1 above…

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