Paul Paraka Tries to Censor the Net

I got this email yesterday and have been a bit busy so just putting this up now. Paul Paraka it seems wants to censor the net. Good try… and yes although he may have legal grounds in that it is a pending issue in Court. Unfortunately for him and many others who would want to keep these issues from being discussed, our legal system has not yet come to terms legally with the disemination of information over the internet. Here’s his email to Global Technologies.

Oh and I’m hurt that I didnt make the hit list 😦


Paul Paraka is a Papua New Guinean Lawyer who had a monopoly on all Government legal contacts. he was mentioned in an investigation into Papua New Guinea’s Corrupt finance department.

This tells us that CORRUPT LAWYERS like Paul Paraka are trying to stop our democratic rights!!! Make a stand and send this to all your contacts! We cannot let corruption ruin our country. 

If you are Corrupt I’ve got two words for you: F…. YOU!!  YOU MUST BE EXPOSED!

Paul Paraka lawyers are trying to intimidate internet service providers in PNG into blocking private emails that refer to them, Zacchary Gelu, Gabriel Yer and Iassac Lupari.

They are also trying censor the internet by getting ISPs to block access to websites and blogs including PNGexposed, PNG Blogs, ACTNOW! PNG and the Nancy Sullivan blog.

Paul Paraka’s extraordinary attempt to interfere in private communications between individuals and to censor the internet is revealed in its letter to Global Technology – read the Paraka Letter (refer to PDF attachment)

Paraka Lawyers claim that there action is justified by a Court Order – but that order makes no mention of blocking email traffic or stopping access to the internet sites and makes no reference to Internet Service Providers (despite Paraka’s claims to the contrary).
Paul Paraka lawyers are mentioned more than 150 times in the 800-page report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department that reveals how K780 million was stolen from public funds between 2000 and 2006.

Follow the Link to the PNG expose blog: http://


21 thoughts on “Paul Paraka Tries to Censor the Net

  1. They couldn’t even spell relations in ‘Customer Rlations Manager in their letter!

    Probably they should have seen how many times Barack Obama gets mentioned on the net with an infinite list of unfounded claims and he does not even bother to use his power to block those claims and persons or organizations disseminating those claims…

    Welcome to the cyber world Paul Paraka!

  2. hahaha…Solo makes it sound so stupidly funny of Paraka Lawyers. That’s true, welcome to the world of webbing & blogging.

    Learn to live with it Mr Paraka and proof your innocence. I think PNG should change the common law to “you are guilty until proven innocent” from this usual “you are innocent until proven guilty”.

    Blasted criminals!!!

    1. Thanks Kafu. Unfortunately being guilty until proven innocent in a country with corruption issues and an underfunded public service could be quite dangerous for the public at large.

      But back to the issue of censorship, people will talk about what’s important to them. And an open dialogue provided it is constructive is always good for solving problems.

      Also its easier to see who’s trying to hide things when the facts are out in the open.

  3. Hi Manu,

    Sorry you did not make the top five which means you must be doing a whopping good job! As they say, good triumphs any day.

    On the content of the email, all I can say is, thank you for sharing it.

    Communication whichever way you look at it is like smoke – when you try to shut it out it will seep in through the cracks in the wall. And there are cracks otherwise no-one will be allowed to voice their views and thoughts on values that are being trashed. There are so many people out there with so many ideas that cyberspace is not going to shut down just because someone’s having a bad hair day! No sah!

    Have a great weekend. I intend to have one me-self!


  4. Why is paraka bent on fighting the media and keeping a tab on the findings of the commission of inquiry? Go to the courts and prove his innocence if he is as clean as he would like us to believe.

    The real issue with this case is the court injunction stopping the publication and implementation of the findings of the commission on inquiry. The Attorney General and government lawyers MUST do everything within their powers to quash this injunction so that people like paraka and co can be called to answer some hard questions. The process will eventually set them free if, indeed, they have nothing to answer for.

    Welcome to the cyber world people. Time for playing hide and seek and jumping from one branch to another is over.

  5. Morning David,

    The world of cyber space is one some leaders would like to do without, that is if they are actually fully aware of what it holds? When the Court asked why it didn’t have a copy of the Moti Report, many said, ‘Just have a look on the Web!’.

    Now it seems everyone but the Courts seem to have no idea that all they have to do is ‘Google’ the CoI Finance Report to have a good look at it.

    What use is the injunction if everyone knows what is in the Report while the possible perpetrators get as much time as they like to obfuscate and muddy the waters and in the meantime, make off with their ill gotten gains?

    The PNG judiciary need to take a firm hand on this and break up the log jam and get on with the full and frank examimation of the Report’s recommendations.

    Mind you, wouldn’t that be a wonderful distraction from any other pending legal action? Gosh! It’s a good thing I’ve not become a tad cynical.

    1. Hi Paul,

      The injunction obviously hasn’t prevented the publication of the findings of the commission of inquiry but it did block their implementation. The findings have now become ‘public secret’ but someone’s got to do something about what was found.

      And our implementing agencies can do nothing unless it is legally OK for them to do so. I want to see government lawyers go to the courts and set aside the injuction so that no one will have any excuses whatsoever to not implement the recommendations of the CoI.

      It is easy to simply say ‘oh there is an injunction so we can’t do anything although we know exactly what had happened’. Rausim banis blong Kot na larim ol save man blong lo i mekim save long ol husait lain i stil long mipla ol pipol. Else, we all should also go to the courts to obtain an injuction against the tax laws and stop paying taxes. What’s the use.

      1. David not such a stupid idea regarding tax laws and your first defendant in PNG would be who authorises and distrubutes the taxes of PNG.
        Of course you would request an audit first and the Judge would proberly agree.

        Speaking of PNG’s ‘Hansard’ why is this most important legal Parlimentary document not instantly avalible for public viewing. In fact this would be an easy case if you are interested as it has ready evidence,also corrupted and tampered electronic recordings would need forensic inspection but I can assure you there is evidence here as well..

        The Streisand affect did in fact create deeper holes for Barbra and huge exposure, certainly Paraka Lawyers have fallen into the same trap.
        His or their days are numbered.

  6. Manu…your blog depicts the PNG mystical spirit.. the masalai,.. so who would dare grieve our ancestors.. not even corrupt & mischievous in the community have dared … you’ll make a hit yet fighter… keep up the exposure on the other portal…

  7. I have never believed @ the first place when I was told, the power of IT (digital gap) in disseminating information and connecting the world is critical. It can be damaging for others and at the same time benefiting others. A 1% penetration of IT in a remote society can help close the “Knowledge Gap”. PNG is well connected now, at least and closing the knowledge gap slowly but surely.

    Paraka, you can’t control cyber world. Look at aussie, china, etc…trying their best to censor but without luck. cyber world is here to stay and your reputation will be archived for use in decades by generations yet to come. so stop wasting your time and prove yourself innocence at the court and not on the cyber world.

    Interestingly, ISPs are brought to task in the twist and turn on Paraka’s legal Battle re Finance Inquiry. Censoring ISP is something new I’m reading in PNG .

    to manu, ol poret lo devel man, nogut bai em kisim laif blo ol. You’re doing fine. I can remember yu did hit namba 1 sometimes back on forest issues; you’ll soon do the same!!

    We need a different hell fire cubical for corrupt bastards like these hooligans!!

    Blessed weekend

  8. All implementation agencies must “sharpen their teeth” and be prepared to do what is right as soon as the injunction is set aside in the near future. Otherwise this will be just another Moti Affair.

  9. As comments were made already on pngscape, Paraka did not go after the websites that he feels pose no threat to him. That apparently includes this site. Masalai, I would consider it a badge of courage to try to earn, to put more blog space into exposing, publicising and seriously threatening the ability of the criminals to get away with their crimes. The best indication that your work is a success will be if the criminals either try to shut you down or shut you up. That should be your goal.

    As for the Paraka letter, there is already an effort starting in Moresby to make thousands of photocopies of Paraka’s letter and start passing them around everywhere. The humourous thing about the Paraka letter is that by helping Paul Paraka spread around his request, you also spread around the URL’s of all the websites he is so fearful of.

    So join the movement, spread the word. SPREAD THE PARAKA LETTER!!!!

  10. This is called the Streisand effect. Very interesting that it has reached PNG now! Same thing happened when Wikileaks published the list of web sites blocked by the Australian Government (who then tried to block Wikileaks – but to no avail.) Likewise the Trafigura scandal in the UK where their lawyers even tried to block reporting of Parliamentary debates and Hansard. Likewise it failed.

    “The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted. It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, following a 2003 incident in which her attempts to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity.”

  11. Manu,

    I have been under treat since I posted links on my blog, but will that stop me from exposing corruption? Hell No!… We need change in this country and with the little resources and skills I know I want to expose all the wrong doings out there to the world at large.

    Feel free to add me to your blog roll.

    Paul Reinbara

    1. No worries Paul, keep up the good work. Its people like you and the other blogs out there that seem to be the only ones able to show a different light to all thats happening in our politics today.

      Full Sapot!

  12. U people make me sick! everytime someone is doing good for the country, it is typical PNG mentality to try to tarnish their reputation. Mr. Paraka, has provided hundred of jobs for the young people of PNG. These baseless claims and sucpicious behaviour we’ll only destroy our country! By doing this, you are all indeed making PNG go backwards.

  13. Isi, Paul Paraka is a very succesful lawyer and what he has done for employment is not the issue here. There is a letter there written with his firms letter head, which you can download for yourself from the link above.

    The issue here is of censorship. When you start stopping people from speaking their minds about national issues then you create a very dangerours situation for peoples rights to be abused. History has so many circumstances of censorship and human rights abuse, we only need to look across to Fiji to see what is happening there with media bans.

    Which situation do you think will take PNG backwards further? Critising Paul Paraka’s actions or banning everyone from speaking about issues including you and I?

  14. You all motherfuckers come suck my dick he is doing a good job in providing free legal services to citizens you all fucking pussies can go to hell or start your own law firm you all will never be like Paul paraka lawyer

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