Digicel to expand services

By Jonathan Farapo

Digicel’s services are poised to get better as the mobile operator prepares to expand its services to more rural areas of the country.

This comes as the company announced the Pacific region had contributed $US 400 million to its total year revenue for 2009, almost 17% of its annual earnings.

Digicel (PNG) chief financial officer Andrew Jensen said that PNG remained the company’s largest market in the Pacific.


10 thoughts on “Digicel to expand services

  1. I am off topic here but please allow me to get out my frastrations.They are no better then their counterpart bee mobile.All they see is money money money and more money.

    Fellow Bloggers,Digicel is charging you for every Toea you have.Even their customer service message is K12.00!! for SIX BL…dy minutes,what a reap off!

    I am absolutely mad,frastrated and angry with their inability to understand. Its like this:I ring a number and soon a voice mail comes on and they charge K12.00!Shouldn’t the fone just ring out so the person I rang can ring me back when they see the miss call?Straight after the call I make I sent a sms asking the person I call why they had voicemail on and their answer is always “I dont know how to do voicemail,so why would I go into that area?”
    I ask the person I rang did you put your fone into voicemail mode?The answer is no!This is a deliberate money making grey area.I say grey because this is customer service why charge such huge amount for SIX Bl…dy minutes.There are also other grey areas where PNG and oversea customers are charge such for services that are not render.
    Where is the customer going to get a fair hearing from those in the know?
    I do not want to hear from Digicel,they should fix up their the “grey” areas customers like me and many many others ring them and complain about.
    Digicel,dont give me crap just attend to your customers compalins!!!

  2. Its survived in PNG because it didn’t have a decent competitor. Can someone tell me how is Digicel doing in Fiji with the almighty team of “experienced” senior management?

    Go check their profiles on the website and you will find that none of them have any decent qualifications …. they are there because they have been luck to be at the right place at the right time or simply because of their family connection in Digicel ….

    No wonder its going down down down …. bubble to the top and smell the air ….

  3. Bloggers hear me out;in the land down under (Australia) they have monopoly in all aspects of money making be it mobile phone services to supermakets ;and because that is the norm there is competion and the CUSTOMER is always the winner. And importantly the companies that provide such services they not only listen or hear their clients complaints they attend to them.And call the client and talk to the unhappy client;now don’t you all think that should be done in PNG/Port Moresby?
    I know from experience whilst in Cairns for holiday I used a Vodafone service here for a month,I got a what they call a $29.00 maxicap which gave me $130.00 worth of sms’s and talk.That lasted me until my visa was up to go back home,Port Moresby.I also realised that my texting or smsing was only a few cents to every word I sent (2 to 4cents).It did not matter if I sent the message to another State in the land down under. I thought I was in ‘heaven’ what a service. Surely Gigicel has made it’s millions and millions of dollars by now.Its time they attend to their customers.
    Honestly what has companies like Digicel and beemobile done for the community in terms of helping the city of Port Moresby become a better liveable City of peoples from every nations.I bet you..a big fat nothing!!

    Just running a few competions here and there does little or nothing at all.Its like putting a “band aid” on a sore.Wake PNGs and fellow bloggers! voice your constitutional rights and say and talk about this issues.You and I if we just sit there received this crap from them nothing is ever going to change.Lets give them their moneys worth.The millions they have taken from us.They cant just take take and take ,it’s time they gave back to the people who allowed them to come into the country in the first place.


  4. Hi Judy and Eugene,

    Am returning to PNG soon and will be based in Port Moresby. I’m quite apprehensive to learn about the state of phone communication there- ugh! Pathetic! Am so used to broadband here in the UK. I guess I will just have to get there and see what I can do.

    Thanks anyway for the information.

    Thanks Manu for the infor that started this thread.


    1. Mari,It is sad but the truth has to come out.Companies that go into any Province of PNG should after that many years of operating there do a “intern sal evauluation” of everything Digicel and especially the area of their community involvement and contribution in making Port Moresby for that matter PNG a beter to live and work.Right now PNG/Port Moresby is one of the “unliveable” cities of the world.
      Digicel,how about sponsoring a few PNG kids through primary through to high school or a Technical college?How about giving these students you sponsor come into your office and do few hours of work to teach them what really work is like.As you know most of the kids you sponsor will need that extra money to buy their rice and tinfish,not only themselves but for their whole family.
      Surely Digicel CEO and Staff members have lived in Port Moresb for more than five years and must know the community in Pom needs a helping hand.Surely they know that Pom General Hospital needs to be repainted and the whole place cleaned up?Surely they know the hosipital needs new bedsheets and pillows and the list goes on.

      Can I ask both Digicel and Bemobile to take their fingers out from their pockets and see the so many many needs around and about them.Can you go into action mode and take us off from the voicemail “grey” areas of your money.Give us customers a service that leaves us praising you to the ends of the world.How about Digicel and Bemobile??!!

  5. Readers of Bruddah Emmanuel’s blog,

    You might be interested in: http://coconutwireless.wordpress.com

    I cover a wide range of telcoms issues affecting broadband usage in the Pacific region. Of late, the blog has been focused in on Fiji, but only because we are in the midst of a liberalisation process and a govt. review of broadband.

    There is updated comment going back about 6-7 weeks and I’m working on a new series of articles to help consumers become more informed to lobby govt. and policymakers to take action on these issues.

  6. Its a tough arguement and I am a bit biased towards Digicel principally because I have been given work from them right from the start when they first came to PNG.

    So I’m thankful to them in allot of ways for getting me to do their first website when they launched and they also for funding my Urban Bounce dance competition.

    In terms of community work they have a foundation set up here which provides quite allot of assistance to settlements and villages beyond communications towards health and education as well which is something bemobile has not come close to.

    I dont want to sound like Digicel is the be all and end all of mobile comms in PNG but you can see where I am coming from in terms of what they have done practically.

    But as a user if Digicel services yes it does cost allot compared to other western markets, but the fact that I can have a blackberry here that saves me sooo much time in getting things done I dont think I could function without a service provider thats on the ball like Digicel.

    But I do agree that customer service at Digicel has dropped immensly since they started. You used to be able to immediately speak to someone to help you, now you have to go through a myriad of voice options which gets more frustrating as you go along.

    Billing and Invoicing is also an issue for post paid customers. But because everything else works so I am willing to put up with it for now.

    Bemobile has a long long way to go yet before they can provide effective competition to force customer service to improve.

  7. I was once fortunate enough to meet a very knowledgable telecommuications engineer on a return flight from POM to BNE roughly a year ago. He worked for one of the most reputable telco’s in the world. (PM me if you really need to know the name)

    He explained to me how his company had alot of trouble attracting and retaining highly skilled staff to it’s worksites in PNG (a common occurance in alot of industries opertaing in PNG)

    This issue opens up the maket for operators like Digicel to fill the gaps. From the outside this looks like a negative thing. But the reality is, Digicel are in more of a position to offer services that are tailored for a developing telco market. Without the massive ‘risk allowance’ payments for the majority of it’s staff, Digicel do not have the huge workforce overheads a Northern European company might have, if it could actually send staff to and retain them in PNG.

    If Digicel followed the ‘Telstra’ Model your monthly mobile fee would be around K300, your internet connection K500 per month and your landline K100. I have 2 x Digicel SIMS and do not recall ever paying that much when in my favorite country (that’s PNG).

    As painful as most customer service of any telco is, or the frustration of ‘blowing’ all you phone credit on a recorded voice service, these are problems not exclusive to Digicel but are inherent factors when dealing with ANY telco ANY where in ANY country.

    I do see Digicel been very pro-active in supporting local events and sports in PNG which is more than alot fo other comapnies are doing.

  8. Like any other company in the land of the unexpected they they are out to get every Kina and Toea from your miserable paypackets.

    They spent a little here and there with a lot of fanfair and everybody thinks Digicel has done the unthinkable,spent thousands for the community from which they have made their MILLIONS and MILLIONS MILLIONs of Kina.PNG wake up,they are in there to make their money and unless the Government has Checks and Balances we the users will go on giving our hard earned Toeas until we go back to the earth from hence we came.PNG Bloggers we just cant be silent any longer we need to them these selfish Digicel CEOs what we see happening.

    Digicel dont go putting my calls on bloody voice mail,let my calls through and so the person I am calling can see for themselves that I have called and so you do not get my K12.oo for that bloody voicemail.!!!!

  9. Bloggers,the line Iam on has been jumping around every which way, so some of my spelling and sentences are out of contexts.It has been happening to me in my last 3 or 4 points of view I have expressed lately.My apologizes,hope you all can read “in” or “through” them.

    Cheers and happy reading….judy

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