Something Can Be Done About It

Something can be done about it. That’s the tag line for the Scientology recruitment brigade that has literally set up camp at Murray Barracks. They’ve been there for a month now. So as always we have to ask some questions here:

  • Did Tom Cruise bring them to PNG? Or was it John Trovolta?
  • How does PNG defence Force allow such things to go on in a military barracks?
  • What are they all about anyway?

Well the tents still up there and strategically located next to the sports fields for young sports people on the weekend to quench their spiritual thirst after a long weekend of sporting games. Looks like I need to do some googling to find out more about this Yellow Brigade. So should we kick them out? I’m sure something can be done about it.


5 thoughts on “Something Can Be Done About It

  1. Pray tell, what is the PNGDF doing in allowing such events to take place. A defence force has one loyalty, and that is the Crown (PNG is still part of the Commonwealth), not some religious group (or any other group for that matter).

    This is a disgrace, and the sooner the PNGDF move them on, the better, or even better still place some grenades in the tent to make it a bit faster.

    1. Peter,
      Here in PNG we do everything back to front and we like disregarding whatever risk or security or harm it our bring. Such incompetence!!
      A militry area in any country is out of bound from every civilian except if it is man or woman (in active service) and their families: but they are required to carry ID at all times.

      But we can understand PNG defence force allowing those cult money making so called religion in there.The word is money.I can smpathize with PNGDF,it does need a major overhaul.Money has to come from someway,if its not the Government of the day then perhards this is it for PNGDF.
      But really this giaman religion shouldnt be on the PNGDF gound at all,no matter how much money is being offerred.

      There’s still this on going investigation and more sureal things about this group,there are notto be trusted at all,should be like a plague,to be avoided at all cost.

  2. Scientology recruitment brigade has got it exactly right. They are not there to help anyone but themselves.

    Now that most people in the more literate parts of the world are getting wise to Scientology, their recruitment figures are way down and lots of their existing members are leaving. So they are looking around for other ways to make mone and get power over people. People with no money have always been able to pay for ‘courses’ by working for nothing. . .

    In France as recently as last October they were found guilty of being a criminal organisation in respect of their promises, their sales techniques, illegal practice of medicine and other things. There was not much left that they COULD do.

    Something MUST be done about these yellow tents. They are bad news.

  3. For the remaining few not aware of the deception and tactics of Scientology here is a great link site.

    Personaly, I like my religious views and scirptures to be more associated with a benelovant messiah that guides through love, than a failed science fiction writer / con-man with space aliens trying to harvest my soul.

    There is also a very hard to come by movie called ‘The Prophet’ made by an ex-scienctologist movie executive from USA. It tells the stroy of L. Ron Hubbard (or a charcter that parallels Hubard) founder of Scientology and explains how they roped a ‘Tom Cruise’ type character into joining, by offering to cure his ‘secret homosexuality’….for a price

    check out the wiki entry on the movie

    I imagine the e-meters they use would work all too well in the humidity of the tropics!

  4. Scientology is one of the largest and most frightening con-tricks in the world of sham religions. They are accused in many countries of slave-labour, brainwashing, forcing women to have abortions, fraud, blackmail, separating families, and even manslaughter. Just Google them or check out to see what they are really like. They are under investigation in Germany, France, Australia and many other countries.

    They were founded by a second rate Sci-Fi author and bankrupt who boasted that he could make more money by founding a religion than by writing books.

    They believe in an alien evil overlord called Xenu who transported millions of his enemies to the earth in DC8 rocket planes millions of year ago, packed them around volcanoes then exploded atom bombs to destroy them. Their spirits then haunted the earth as “Thetans” and Scientology claims to be able to exorcise them from you through a series of bogus and very expensive treatments. If you post details of their “inner teachings” on they net they will pursue you endlessly through the courts for breach of copyright.

    PNG does not need any more conmen like these. Tom Cruise is a fool to follow them. This was one reason Nicole Kidman left him as she didn’t want her kids brought up by these bozos.

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