LAMAZ Graduation

As some of you may be aware I’m expecting my first baby with my wonderful Callista (second from the left). So we just graduated from Lamaz classes last week and I think we achieved what the classes said we would, peace of mind.

Its a 5 part course every Saturday mornings from 9am to about 1ish (depending on what you cover that day). We’ve also been reading a great book from Callista’s friend Lena called ‘The Pregnancy Book’ so its comforting to have the classes reiterate and confirm what you’ve read.

We covered pretty much everything really from what to do when you find out you’re pregnant to what goes on when giving birth. Some aspects I though were interesting and new like how to hold a baby when washing them in a full tub of water which simulates the environment they were in when in their mothers tummy and baby massaging.

The classes are run in a merry-go-round format so you can join any week and finish anywhere. For example we started in class 2 then we went all the way to class 5 and graduated in class 1.

I can’t thank Sister Mai (pictured above with Callista and friends) enough from the Paradise Private Hospital for the classes. Classes are K25 each so I totally reccomend to anyone having a baby in Port Moresby that you attend.

Well our baby’s due on the 23rd of July so not long to go now.


5 thoughts on “LAMAZ Graduation

  1. Congratulations Manu and Callista on your first baby. You guys are doing the
    right thing by taking the classes. It helps and goes a long way in understanding pregnancy and childbirth. More men should avail themselves the privilege to learn about it. In fact it is a necessity for themselves and their families – peace of mind from gaining knowledge. K25 is really reasonable.

    Very happy for your both.


  2. This brings back memories, I remember taking the classes way back in the day too (my kids are all grown now). I think the knowledge from the classes does help to prepare, especially for your first child. Although I have to admit, I didn’t really feel that useful during the actual birth … but it’s good to be a part of it. Congratulations and best wishes,

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