Mr. Pip Auditions coming to a town near you

Ever since I did my Tropfest short film in 2005, Ive been hanging out to get a part in a movie. I kinda came close with the movie Beneath Hill 60, I went as far as shooting a test shoot and sending it to the casting agents who were looking in PNG and Townsville for PNG actors but at the last minute the producers decided that the PNG segment of the movie would be dropped. So no chance there.

Saw this in the papers below, gonna have a crack at this one. Maybe I can play the part of a PNGDF solider or something. Wish me luck!

Andrew Adamson: Photo by Brett Phibbs

BTW, the producer of the upcoming ‘Mr. Pip’ film is Robin Scholes who was the Producer of Once Were Warriors and the Director will be Andrew Adamson who has directed movies such as ‘Shrek’ and ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. A little bit of trivia for you here. Andrew Adamson spent some time here in PNG as a child with his missionary parents between the ages of 11 and 18. He got into film making because he broke his leg in an accident in PNG and he missed out on architectural school.


Postcourier, 16 July 2010 – International film to tell crisis story


AN international film, to be auditioned in Bougainville, Port Moresby and Honiara is set for casting next week.
The film Mr Pip is based on a book by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones. The story is set in 1991, during the Bougainville conflict. Fourteen-year-old Matilda and her mother Dolores live in an isolated village in Bougainville. Matilda’s village has lost electricity, medicine and teachers but no-one has been killed. Mr Watts, the only white man among them, agrees to teach the kids. He reads the novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Matilda imagines a world where the characters in the book, Pip, Joe and Estella, look like her and other villagers, but they are wearing Victorian clothes and living in homes which are bigger versions of village huts. She is a bit in love with Pip and writes his name on the beach. The PNG army think the village is hiding a rebel by the name of Pip. The misunderstanding escalates and Matilda’s mother and Mr Watts are killed. Matilda escapes and lives with her Australian based father until an unexpected inheritance from Mr Watts takes her to London and to Dicken’s real house in Rochester.

Emotions from her past almost overwhelm her until she discovers that Pip has helped her find her own voice and she begins to tell her own story.

The producers, directors and those in charge of auditions are now set to travel these areas next week, starting with Honiara. They are looking for the key roles of Matilda, a 12-14 year old girl and her mother and are asking people to help them by recommending suitable people, putting in touch with cultural groups where these people can be found. They want to find people from Bougainville.

Their travel dates are:
* July 20, travel to Honiara
* July 21 to 25, casting in and around Honiara
* July 26, travel to Gizo
* July 27 to 29, casting in Gizo
* July 30, casting in Choiseul
* July 31, casting in Choiseul
* August 1, travel to Honiara
* August 2, travel to Port Moresby
* August 3 to 5, casting with Nikki in Port Moresby
* August 6, travel to Buka
* August 7 to 8 (Saturday and Sunday) casting in Buka
* August 9 to 15, casting Teop/Arawa regions
* August 16, travel to Port Moresby
* August 17, travel to Sydney for break
* August 22, travel to Auckland
* August 23 to 24, meet with director and producer
* August 25, travel to Sydney for break
* August 30, travel to Horn Island, Torres Straight
* August 31 to September 4, casting in Torres Straight and,
* September 5, travel to Sydney.


15 thoughts on “Mr. Pip Auditions coming to a town near you

  1. I read this book last year and it is a good read. Not sure how the politicians feel about its story, but I believe that the few books based on events in PNG should be embraced as so few exist that are based on real events in this region of the world (even though the book itself is fiction).

    1. Thanks Joseph, you know I was discussing this with my partner last night and it would be great if someone could do a proper documentary on the Bougainville Crises with perhaps John Momis as the central figure in the story. So kind of telling the story through his eyes, especially since he has survived through the whole thing to be the current President of Bougainville.

  2. I am married to someone who lived through the crises. We visit our family in Bougainville regularly and I am always amazed at their stories of survival. I am encouraging my husband to write his story because like many Bougainvilleans who survived the crises, his is one of determination and resiliance.

  3. Hello! We are casting the film ‘Mister Pip’ if you are interested in auditioning! In fact, any PNG men 20 – 45 years living in Australia, particularly in QLD, should send a photo, contact details, location and age to Also, anyone from Bougainville Island living in Australia interested in acting should contact us as well. Thanks.

  4. Hey Manu! Tidman here! Your film was really something. We had it on show at Moresby Arts several times and it was a crowd favourite. As for Pip…I’ve been following the news on Pip since last year but still don’t know where the auditions are going to be held. Any idea bro?

  5. Just got some fresh information today. They are not really running an open audition for everybody. They are at the moment zeoring down on Mathilda and her mother. These are the main characters in the movie. They are only interested in seeing bougainville people. As for red skin soldiers, they aim to get them in Bougainville. They claim its a low budget movie and to fly red skins soldiers and to feed and accommadate them will be a costly. Besides on the movie script – soldiers has only 2 scenes.
    Apart from that the book was really good read.

  6. Hey der peeps I’m jordan being a bougainvillian myself I was just wondering are there still going to be castings for extras in the film around port moresby in the near future!

  7. Hi my name is Lynda I’m from port moresby png.
    I’m 15 years born 07/27/1998
    And would love to be part of your cast upcoming if all roles are taken please do consider mi in your other navies…

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