PNG leader to MP: ‘I’m going to kill you’

By ABC PNG correspondent Liam Fox

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare
(AAP: Alan Porritt, file photo)

A session of Papua New Guinea’s parliament has ended with an extraordinary outburst by prime minister Sir Michael Somare, who threatened to kill an opponent.

After a ceremony in parliament to swear in the governor-general, the leader of government business moved to suspend parliament until November 16.

When the speaker called for ‘ayes’ and ‘no’s’, the no’s were noticeably louder.

But the speaker said “the ayes have it” and adjourned parliament without calling for a division to count the numbers.

As members were leaving the house, Sir Michael walked towards the opposition benches, pointed at MP Sam Basil and yelled in pidgin: “I’m going to kill you outside”.

Only hours earlier the opposition gave the speaker notice for a motion of no confidence in Sir Michael.

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    13 thoughts on “PNG leader to MP: ‘I’m going to kill you’

    1. I did’nt know that big fat ugly evil spirits fight among themselves in that demon haus!
      My last comment on another similar blog stated something about the recent events.. the clinging onto power no matter what;because what is there to go back to?

      The father and the son should be dragged out of that lofty position.They are not fit to hold office.The people of PNG as a whole have had enough of the pair.They have brought nothing but misery to all PNGians and made us a laughing stock of among the Nations of the world.
      Our young PNG Uni students cant get jobs .And the masses of PNGians from all Provinces of PNG come into POM hoping o find jobs can not get any because the politicians and the father and the son are too busy getting their bank balances up to date before they get dumped.
      What are laugh?! What are shame for those politicians.As if the father and the son own that demon infested haus.Iam sick to the core of my being when I heard about what that PNG “Buddah” said to Mr basil.What a dummy that PNG buddah is, he should go back to the cave where he came from.Not fit to be a leader but a common chief/THIEF!!!

    2. Expiry date blo lapun em up now na sampla wire em lus , time lo go rest now!

      In my opinion Don polyer and the highlands bloc was suppose to join Sir Puka and the opposition but it maybe substantial money incentives and offer of next PM that changed his mind. I just hope the government members that are still talking with Sir Puka (if there is any left) will stand up for what they believe in and not be intimidated by the PMs tactics of isolating them financially when they switch sides.
      The opposition needs just 10 or 11 more members to have the absolute majority, those members still in the govt that want to change should seriously organise them self but then again the PM must have some sweets for them to keep them quiet…feel sorry for them and especially PNG, cos we have so called leaders who wont stand up for what they believe in!

    3. On Wednesday morning the opposition failed to block the swearing-in of Governor General Paulius Matane, who has been selected in a controversial manner.

      When Matane accepted the role and said “So help me God”, a parliament light emblazoned with the word “caution” suddenly fell from the wall and remained dangling by its cord for the remainder of the ceremony.

      Former prime minister and opposition member Julius Chan later quipped: “what an ominous sign, things are just not right in PNG.”

      July 21, 2010 – 6:19PM

      1. Carlos and Ilya; also fellow Bloggers; PNG has many practicing christians who have been on their knees praying and crying out to God for help all these many years so I am not at all surprised by the”SIGNS” that took place.It is a dare warninng to those who are bend on evil means and ways to further themselves,their future and their families.God does hear the cries of the destituate.It is a sign and it will happen!
        There is a king in the old testment who did not give any a damn about the God of the Christians, Daniel Chapter4 and 5. The title in is called the Writing on the Wall.Please take time to consult this book and you will be alarmed because what God says He carrys it out.
        I dare say something is going to happen,God is warning them so called leaders to get their eyes of themselves and hear the crys of the PNGians.

      2. Paulias Matane completely lost my respect.

        He had the opportunity to show us what he preaches by refusing to accept his own appointment until it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that the process employed was in fact in order. This guy is now officially a Pharisee.

        I switch my TV off every time he comes on to preach his gimmicks. Actually I had already begun doing it when he started playing dumb to the many issues created by his mate somare and refused to use his authority to try and apply some breaks on blatant disregard for due process. My TV will be off for as long as he continues to play dumb and remains a Pharisee.

        1. David and others; It is sorry state of affairs when one who does the preaching of the Word of God or other moral values does not put into action.Doesn’t he know that !ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER!
          He must now do it right by coming clean before all the PNGians who listen to his “MAUSWARA!!”What do you think David ??

          Dont let us what you yourself cannot do,pasim maus b’long yu!

        2. Em nau Judy.

          I am a young Papua New Guinean and I am looking for a statesman role model. Matane use to be one but not anymore. There are some very good ones out there but their voices are being drowned out by hooligans and we hardly listen to what they have to say. It’s a shame I will now refuse to listen to Matane from here on in.

          At least the late Bernard Narakobi left behind a great legacy to admire the model myself on.

    4. Source: ACT NOW Blog

      While it has been a tumultuous seven-days in PNG politics, it is sad it has
      ended with our democracy being further undermined by a Prime Minister who seems hell-bent on hanging on to power at any cost.

      *Prime Minister destroying our democracy**

      While it is the Prime Ministers despicable death threats against MP Sam Basil that have taken the headlines around the world:

      The Daily Telegraph (UK),


      Australia Network News,


      The First Post,news-comment,news-politics,papua-new-guineas-prime-minister-threatens-to-kill-opposition-mp,

      Herald Sun,,

      It was speaker Jeffery Nape’s decision to ignore the will of Parliament and adjourn the House despite a clear majority of voices calling for a vote that shows Somare and his government have no respect for Parliament, democratic principles or the people of PNG.

      Unfortunately this is not the first time Somare and his government have shown their contempt for democratic principles. Other recent examples include:

      * Refusing to accept a community petition;

      * Trying to unlawfully ban the media from reporting on the Environment Act

      * Bulldozing those amendments through Parliament
      with no debate or disclosure;

      * Failing to follow the law and insist Ministers step aside when facing a Leadership Tribunal

      * Failing to deliver promised consultation on changes to the Leadership Code;

      * Describing peaceful demonstrators as ‘long long’;

      * Swearing in a Governor General who has not been formally elected and whose appointment is under challenge in the Supreme Court

      But although the Prime Minister has hung on to power in the short-term there have been significant changes this week.

      *Somare’s leadership severely dented*
      On Tuesday the government was severely dented by the decision of the Deputy PM and two other Ministers to join the Opposition ranks This was followed on Wednesday by new allegations of corruption in the Border Development Agency and over the extension of the Governor General’s offices and allegations of massive vote buying

      At the same time the post Courier published the results of its survey showing the overwhelming majority of people want a change of leadership, with Puka Temu being the preferred candidate to become Prime Minister.

      According to the Post Courier:
      People have lost confidence in the Somare government over the years when he swept under the carpet, using autocratic style powers, some of PNG’s biggest controversies. 
These include the Moti affair; his referral to the Public Prosecutor for alleged misconduct in office (failing to submit annual returns); amendments to the Ombudsman Commission Act; amendments to Environment Act; the Taiwan diplomatic scandal; and many others.

      [Somare] has out-lived his usefulness and there was no rationale for his
      continued existence in power.
 [The people] want buoyancy restored as
      basic services like health, schools, roads, and other infrastructures,
      mainly in rural areas were non existent to a point where the bulk of the
      people feel neglected.

      *Campaign issues*
      On the Campaign front, one positive from the news that Parliament has been adjourned for four months is that the proposed changes to the Leadership Code
      have still not been enacted. More disappointing though is the news the government has still not carried out its promised consultation on the proposed changes.

      *ACT **NOW!* will be writing to the government next week to find out what its plans now are for the proposed changes.

      The government, of course, shows no signs of weakening its support for the Environment Act amendments

      But the Opposition has declared it will reverse the changes if it can win a vote of no
      confidence which is a major breakthrough – especially as the opposition ranks have grown so significantly this week.

      In the meantime, the Supreme Court has confirmed the injunctions stopping the construction of a marine waste disposal system for the Ramu nickel mine stay in place which is a major headache for the Prime Minister and a great victory for the landowners.

      The Petition against the Environment Act amendments
      now has more than 6,000 signatures. This is an AWESOME effort and very nearly 900 of those signatures have been collected on-line which we think is a record number for a petition in PNG. If you haven’t signed yet then PLEASE do so *NOW!*

      While the premature adjournment of Parliament means we won’t be presenting the Petition this week, we will now look for a new opportunity to use the Petition to attract maximum publicity and pressure on the government.*

      Best wishes

      The *ACT **NOW! *Team
      …. Take Action!

      * *Sign the Petition NOW!*
      * Tell your friends
      * Host an *ACT **Now!* event
      * Tell your corruption story
      * Get a free poster

    5. SAD, SAD, SAD, for PNG…a few weeks before 9th GG was sworn in..he came to EHP for a Salvo project launch and was given a gift woven in wool by a church group…on the fine crafted handicraft are the words”The beauty of the House is Order…a picture of a parrot is woven into the piece he took back to government house(…the happenings in the house during the swear-in and after…obviously does not show any order in the house. Perhaps its time the GG played a more active role in getting things in order in parliament and in PNG?

    6. Maybe PNG would benefit from a short term Military Junta style governement like Fiji?

      Oh wait, the current government has starved the PNGDF, a coup is far from the minds of soldiers trying to house and feed their famlies.

      What if PNG Supreme courts etc stepped in and actually laid serious charges against senior MP’s?

      Hang on, the current government have changed the laws, it is even illegal to investigate the theft of K335,000,000 from the treasury in 2007/8 (bill passed by Somare)

      Then again the GG or Speaker of the house could always intervene, couldn’t they?

      Guess again, the tattoo on GG and speakers forehead says – ‘Somare was here 2010’.

      Mind you the LNG projects will save PNG from economic and scoial disaster, regardless of dis-order in government house, surely?

      You think you have problems now, wait until there is even more money floating around in the ether.

      So Aussie Bob (if that is your real name) what should PNG do to achieve stability and transperency in politics?

      2 Words – Parlos Parkop!

    7. You call PNG a democratic society?? I don’t think so. It’s a dictatorship. A dictatorship run by the beast Somare himself. All the positions of power are given to men who eat right out of his hands, and the police force seems to act like Somare’s personal gaurd dog.
      While so-called “representatives of the people” invest in property; buy ships and cars and go on expensive trips overseas; get constant pay rises and make new laws to protect themselves from their asses being on the line, people are suffering.
      People are dying left-right-centre from AIDS, cholera, malaria, you name it. Basic needs such as health services, education, sanitation, clean running water, electricity, roads and infratructures are lacked in rural communities and even communities near the towns. In addition, our education system is full of shit. This system has been dropped by other countries!! What are we doing using this system, some of the things taught in grade 10 in PNG, other countries learn in grade 6 or 7….see how behind we are???
      Now tell me, do you think our current government is of benefit to us? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
      Mi lukim ol ministers blo yumi lo parliment seating na mi sem ya, they looked like little boys struggling for power. The Somare government has CORRUPTION written all over it. Please someone tell me, is there at least one selfless man who will look beyond his plate and do something, anything for this country. I’m not saying all the polliticians are bad, there are a few who have good intentions, and yes Powes Parkop and Sam Basil are two very good examples. But at the moment what I really want to see is the Somare “reign” put to an end and that man along with his son and all their greedy, thieving counterparts put to justice for the sake of this country!!!

    8. Advice from the Bard. Bill Shakespeare offers some advice from the grave to today’s PNG politicians.

      It is said that there is nothing new under the sun. So, that being the case, history must have some lessons to teach.

      The emergence in PNG of what appears to be a nascent dictatorship seems similar to many other events in history.

      Human history appears as the ebb and flow of the tides. In Julius Caesar, that most perceptive of social observers, William Shakespeare, wrote of that famous Roman dictator, who some felt needed to be brought down before he took over completely:

      “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries”

      Those PNG parliamentarians who might be wondering what they can do about their situation should perhaps be considering their position. These members have been elected to represent their people and yet they have now been effectively sidelined.

      Representative parliamentary government in PNG has now been suspended a second time and in what appears to be an unconstitutional manner. But what might happen if members of the PNG parliament convened somewhere outside the Haus Tamberan and discussed their virtual dismissal.

      Surely there is a legal right to meet and discuss the issues affecting their country. If the Speaker’s actions are unconstitutional, then perhaps parliament has not yet officially been dissolved.

      One wonders what PM Somare would or could do if members did meet and discuss their situation and if the results of these deliberations were reported in the PNG media?

      Finally, in what seems like an appropriate quote in regard to MP Sam Basil, the one elected voice who has spoken out publicly against the ‘sacking’ of his parliament, Shakespeare also wrote:

      “There is a time in the tide of a man’s life, if taken at the ebb, leads on to better things.” – John o’ Gaunt in Richard II

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