Callista & Emmanuel present…Nyssa Narokobi

After a very very long labour of 15 hours my poor Callista gave birth to our first child and daughter, Nyssa. Its a weird name so in case your wondering how to pronounce it, its ‘Nee-Sah’. Its a Greek name meaning ‘Starting Point’. I guess you could say Nyssa is the starting point of a whole new type of life after being childless for the last odd 30 years.

Nyssa was born at the Port Moresby General Hospital at 4am in the morning. Its a funny thing because we had planned and planned to never have to give birth at POM General, but after high blood pressure issues at Pom Medical it was clear that Callista would need special assistance leading up to the delivery.

We complain allot about the state of our hospitals etc, but some of us don’t even go to the POM General for anything other than serious cases. And I have to say that I was quite impressed with the Labour Ward. It was a whole lot cleaner and organised than I imagined and with a high calibre of doctors there, including Dr. Mola who dopped in at one time to see Callista. I’d like to personally thank all the staff at the POM General for doing such a great job, makes you wonder what they could do with just a little more assistance from our government.

Callista and Nyssa are still under observation, so hopefully they’ll be discharged this afternoon so I can finally take my babies home.

Once again thank you to everyone out there for your love and support.


35 thoughts on “Callista & Emmanuel present…Nyssa Narokobi

  1. Congratualations to Callister & Emmanuel and A Belated Happy Birth Day to Nyssa.

    Our doctors & nurses do a lot all across the country with little recognisions from every government in the country but they are always over committed with expertize in their professions. Many thanks to all Doctors & Nurses across the country… Cheers.. Pryde, Lihir

  2. wow congratulations E&C for your wonderful bundle of joy…love her name, sooo unique and meaningful….
    Love n best wishes to you three esp Calli n bubs…

  3. whoohoo!!! congrats Manu & Calista.
    … also coz you’ve blogged abit about the pregnancy and placed pics on yur blog and facebook and more…i think Nyssa must have been the most anticipated baby in PNG. Stardom from the start!!!
    All my freinds have had their babies at POM Gen and no bad stories…just alot of the nurses as tough as nails with hearts of gold.

    1. Thanks Jaive and yeah I must’ve spent over an hour replying to everyone on facebook LOL…but yeah I have a totally new respect for the POM Gen staff after having Nyssa there.

  4. Congratulations and best wishes. Hope you get your family home soon … better catch up on your sleep while you still can!

  5. Congratulations Manu and Calista on the birth of your beautiful daughter. May God guide and bless you and your young family as you take this next chapter in your lives together.. Best Wishes and Love, Omotosho Family (Brown & Yaku)

  6. I join others in sending you and Callista me and my family’s congratulations. Welcome to the fatherhood world. Wishing you all the best!

  7. Congratulations from Borroloola!

    Two kids born at POM General, in 1971 and 1976. Both still thriving! Even then, there were financial challenges for the hospital, but the staff keep on putting in amazing work over the years!

  8. Congratulations Kali & Manu! talk about late bus, lol! Hope to catch up with Kali and baby Nyssa next break 😉

    Best wishes to you three.

  9. Hey Manu – ok talk about late bus! been awhile since I’ve been here .. congratulations to you and missus and kisses for your lil pwincess!
    Yeh POM General – I gave birth to my daughter there, and well they give me a hard time since i attended private clinics and then went there for delivery – but in the end – their service is great and do a great job too!!
    I heard they’ve fixed up the maternity/labour ward and its looking much better too!

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