Kokoda Kanteen – Legendary Water

Well looks like someone at BNG Trading has their thinking caps on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing…. the Kokoda Kanteen water bottle! with water in it of course…although its not clear on the label where the water is actually coming from. But should be a hit with all these Aussie trekkers that have been making the pilgrimage to PNG. Now what can be more legendary than that?


6 thoughts on “Kokoda Kanteen – Legendary Water

  1. Every Tom,dick and harry are going to make or grap withever money is “floating” around this Country at this time of Minerals and Gas boom.
    My question is are PNG’s once again going to sit by and watch opportuntiy
    pass them by?Is there any will among us PNGs to stop sleeping under some coconut three and let outsiders take this opportunity under us.
    A lot of outsiders are saying PNG people will miss out because we
    >1 do not know what real work is and that is why the PM and his hangers on has got planes loads of Asians into our Country.These verypeople would/will not qualify to entre Australia because they are not QUALIFIED to entre.But PM of PNG has allowed these people in to indirectly teach us
    us PNGs what work is.This people work everyday, all day, and night and seven days a week.They come from countries where live is extremely hard and they earn next to nothing.So PNG is like heaven on earth for them and you can see what has been happening to POM and it’s surrounding areas.

    If we PNGS do not gather together and take our hands out and catch this “fever” of this Boom then we are very sorry people.

    1. Hi Judy,

      It depends on what context you define the word “work”. We Papua New Guineans are a hard working people in our own right and the Asians or whoever else out there are no more hard working than us.

      We just need to find a way to convert our sweat and blood into “economically gainful activities” which I believe is what you are alluding to when you compare us with others. Money as a measure of wealth was never part of our social and cultural psyche and we are only beginning to try and embrace this new concept of wealth.

      So instead of bringing in outsiders to “teach us how to work”, the government will do well by showing us how to convert our efforts into wealth (money) as we understand it in the modern sense. The establishment of Corporative Societies was a great step that attempted to fuse the old and new together and to help make the transition a bit easier for us.

      But someone dropped the ball somewhere and we need to pick it up again.

  2. Love the design of the bottle. Yes, a couple of those would look good in my fridge and quench my thirst on a hot day in dusty Port Moresby. It says PNG Made so whereabouts in PNG is it manufactured?

  3. David, Mate I just want to see ALL PNGs young and old to work to earn a living,but right now that is not happening.The reasons are many.I see the Government of PNG neglecting its people and they wander the streets of Port Moresby.I see hopelessness in their faces.
    Yes,We are hard working people but not as the Asian.They have such desparation this Asians, that they work many times harder then us PNGs.We work just enough and no more,you know what I mean.
    From a womans point of view,most of us PNG may not have the “save” to go the way you have suggested.And this is what the PNG Govenment should be doing is looking after the people.And that means teaching them lives Skills(in this case skulim ol lain long pasin bilong wokim busines).That is the biggest need I see in this Time of Boom.
    You may be right in saying that making money has “never begin part of our social and cultural psyche and we are only beginning to try embrace this new concept of wealth”.That is the very reason why PNG Government of the day should go all out to invest in educating people long pasin bilong wokim businis.
    All through the 35years the Governments have done nothing to further the work force to train and retrain people or the work force.
    I can go on but I will see what your response is and I will make some more comments.

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thanks for prompting me to respond.

      A majority of our people have always “worked hard to earn a living” – in the village. We’ve always worked very hard for our livelihoods just like any other group of people out there and I reject any insinuation that we are a lazy bunch of people. And there is no reason to compare ourselves with anyone unless you find a common basis to draw such comparisons. We are a hardworking lot in our own rights.

      The difference though is that we now have to find a way to convert our hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit we’ve always had into monetary gains in the modern economy. And you are right that the government needs to find creative ways to harness our hardworking nature and convert these into monetary gains.

      The idea of Cooperative Societies was one of such creative ways to marry the old and the new economies for optimum gains. Another one was the Stret Pasin Stoa scheme which attempted to address the issues of lack of seed capital and basic monetary discipline and management skills that our people need to have to succeed in the modern economy. This scheme should be revived together with Cooperative Societies.

  4. David’

    I do understand that people work hard in the villages,reason being that if they don’t they will surely starve to dead.Furthermore let me say this,they produced enough for themselves and maybe a little left over they keep for a rainy day.It is produced for the purpose of their own consumption.

    Yes,in the days before and they still do, people from one village will EXCHANGE their sago for fish or their taro for kaukau etc etc.The Hiri trading that went on between the Gulf people and the Central people.I am talking about people I know a little about but, I am pretty sure other parts of PNG did the same/similar trading.There is a terminology regarding all that I am writing here,you save.

    What PNGs need now is the save blong before and the Knowhow of today putim tupela wantaim na kampapim something better ,where there is money rolling in ,so to speak.The money can be bank for future use.It can also help them build other money making ventures.We do not really know all the “ins’ about how to do business.It starts up big but breaks down along the way;wantoks and other weakness on “our” part does not help the on going of the business venture.

    We need the stupid Government of the day to use their empty heads to invest in developing the human resources by establishing short term night or day classes for interested PNGs to pay some small fee and attend this Life Changing Classes.I know this classes will equip the individual in many ways then one.We are all different in our make up,so what one sees another may not.They have these short courses or classes for a period of two weeks to one month or more.

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