Source: The PNG News Page

Mining Minister Hon John Pundari is calling on the National Government to consider setting up a governing body that will ensure all Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) operating in the country work within a set policy framework.

He said whilst he appreciated and respected the fact that some NGO’s  like PNG Red Cross Society, World Vision and others were doing an excellent job for the betterment of our people, there were others whose interests were not genuine.

He said the governing body once established, could come up with a policy framework, based on which, NGOs should partner and complement the Government in addressing issues of concern.

The body should also ensure that NGOs are responsible and accountable for their actions should their actions amount to damages and losses.

“Sometimes NGOs make unsubstantiated claims that cause unnecessary losses to other parties concerned. The thing is that NGOs involved in such cases are not held accountable for their actions in cases where they are at fault, because there are no policies that would ideally hold them responsible,” Hon Pundari said.

He said that NGOs operating in the country by virtue of their status are almost at liberty to say and instigate anything they feel duty bound to do so on behalf of either themselves or in the name of a group. However, experience to date suggests that more often than not, they act for themselves and not the ordinary Papua New Guineans they claim to represent. The Government therefore has a duty to protect its people from these selfish and unscrupulous individuals and entities calling themselves NGOs.

We have to protect our national interest from unscrupulous foreign elements who would be using unsuspecting National NGOs for their own gain.


  1. All I can in this matter is that,this minister should consult and mediate with the various NGOs.We do not want freedom of our rights being cribbled by this minister because he does not want to deal with the issues brought to him and others in that evil house by very concerned PNGs.

    If there outside influence so B…ldy what?Don’t treat us like small kids as if we do not know what to say and think.That minister should stick his neck in the sand and stay there.Also he should try and see why the NGOs are making all that noise,it is for a cause.Minister get off your high chair and see for yourself, you and your fellow bedmates in that evil house are not doing any good for all PNGs.The place is still dirty and unkept,every area of life is pretty much the same;even though Heaps and Heaps of Mineral and LNG Boom Money has arrived and we the PNGs show little or nothing.The many new buildings going up around Pom,prices of everything has risen so dramatically.Where is the sense of fairness in all this boom for all PNGs?!

    1. where is the heaps and heaps of LNG money?
      nobody has been paid.
      according to reliable information , and now common knowledge PNG borrowed money from UAE to paticipate as a partner in the LNG project.
      That money was meant for certain payments.
      50% of those borrowings is now missing.
      what next?

  2. Not that I represent a NGO organisation , however, but working in the most remote villiage areas of PNG and spending considerable time in all the major Towns and Cities of PNG for the last 8 years.

    I would have to say who is going to save the people of PNG from the Governments of PNG.

    As soon as someone becomes a Minister in PNG they suddenly think they have been given the right to legally charge , demand , money for anything they see fit.

    These called Ministers start getting so fat on the beginning of their appointments.
    One example in the Lake Murray , Western Province I have witnessed the most tragic way of life for the people living in that area , the skin eye ,health conditions is unbelievable, right to the point that now today people are just dying, 13 were reported dead last week , and nobody nows why.
    When you fly over Pogera the rivers and waterways for hundreds of miles are so poluted the water is a musky white.
    I can assure that this Minister as the Governor of Wester Province have not even been to this places , but say are their people.
    When will these PNG politicians be responsible and accountable for their non- actions to the people of PNG.

  3. Who thinks up this garbage?

    Most NGOs live with our communities, where the real Papua New Guineans live, and share in their joys and sorrows and there are no better people to listen to than them to understand our people’s feelings. NGO activism is an important aspect of governance processes because they provide the check and balance to ensure things are done properly.

    They are a beacon of democracy and it would be inappropriate to regulate their activities and to shut them up. We, including the NGOs, are citizens of this country and we are duty bound by our Constitution to raise our voices on issues we feel are too important to not speak up about. Pundari must understand that we are the custodians of our Constitution.

    And why are NGOs not being held to account? I would have thought there are enough laws already under which anyone, including NGOs and politicians alike, can be held accountable if they cause any damage to another person.

  4. This appears to be a classic ‘dummy spit’ from someone that surely can’t claim moral ascendancy. If the minister has been correctly quoted, his conjecture is that NGO’s should be muzzled and kept under the control of the current government. If that were to be the case, who would help the people in cases like the current government fiasco over the Ramu mine?

    If this is indeed a surreptitious case of ‘kite flying’, perhaps there needs to be a publically issued press release by responsible Opposition members, pointing out how ludicrous this statement is in reality and how it reflects on the minister’s integrity.

    Clearly the minister is unable to effectively look after his people’s interests and is trying to shoot the irritating messenger.

  5. This Minister in all his wisdom has been honestly cornered in Ramu Nickle mine, as in PNG politics honestly is a dirty word.
    The lawyers for the Government have seen the light and the penny has finally dropped , and they have stopped working for the Goverment or should I say tried to ‘advise’ the Government properly.
    PNG land tenure is the strongest asset to the project ILG’s and the people of PNG.

    Good on you Tiffany , in regards to this matter she has done a first class job.

    By dividing the real people from the imposters, the real eviromental issues are now transparent.
    The Chinese have the PM over the barrel because they paid in advance and think they can do what they like.

  6. This same government and its Ministers try to pass a law to have the LOs and NGOs not to pursue the NICO case in the Court of Law! They stop the Peoples protest march! They defer the Parliment sitting! Now they are trying to Pass a Law banning NGO from being the voice of the majority!
    What next? Is this not dictatorship in guise? Whose interests is this Government protecting, while parking all the development funds in trust Funds, creating trust funds to keep for next generation! Who will be around in the next 50 years to see, roads, bridges, hospitals and schools built?

    Only God will help PNG, the way we are going!

  7. There is another person who shouldn’t be forgotten in all this indignation. Justice David Cannings has had the guts to to make rulings on this issue. Without that determination, all the work by the landowners and lawyers would have been for nothing.

    Justice Cannings has just been reported to have found in favour of some claimants who took three policemen to court over some illegal actions. The police are now required to compensate those who submitted their claims.

    If ever someone should be supported it is Justice Cannings. He is clearly a champion of reportedly disavantaged PNG people.

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