3 thoughts on “Political Advertising

  1. Does the laws of the land protect the NGOs from being taken to court for such billboards to be erected right there?Maybe NGOs like everybody else has run out of options of getting the government of the day to lisent to what they are saying on behalf of the silent majority.But I would not be suprised should the authorities come down hard on the NGOs.

    Maybe the NGOs should equip the silent majority by teaching them what the NGOs know about issues NGOs bring before the Government and authorities.It is best to disseminate information.So we can all flow in the same direction; furthermore it is good for silent majority to have some understanding or knowledge.Knowledge is a very powerful tool.

    1. The NGO’s have the option and ability to recall data into information which can be processed through to the World Bank , why do think aus aid has been very hard for the PNG govenment to access in the last 3 years, and other aid has stopped.
      The same reason why support from Norway went to Indonesia. The government is making it hard for its people which will be the demise of its self.
      The only revenue earner for the government is China and Asians, but this does not help the country just induviduals.I am waitng for the status on the LNG project at the end of this year, that will be interesting.
      PNG people will soon understand and take rise , I predict just before 2012.

  2. When the Whining, errr… sorry, Mining Minister calls for tighter controls over NGO’s operating in PNG, its a fair bet that those NGO’s aren’t favouring the government line.

    It seems to some that this type of advertising is the only recourse open to those disenfranchised voters who clearly aren’t able to access or influence their Members of Parliament. Even if these people could obtain some sympathetic resonance with their elected representatives, there is no avenue for these issues to be currently raised in Parliament, thanks to the reportedly unconstitutional actions PM Somare and Speaker Nape. Even the public media is only able to contact some people and there doesn’t seem to currently be any cohesion to exert the desired political influence.

    These physical signs are clearly an indication of a last ditch despair by PNG. Let’s hope the next obvious and logical progression can be avoided at all costs.

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