ABC Report on Tailings Dumping in PNG

Author: Peter

The ABC 7:30 report had a long feature last week about Lihir Gold dumping waste in the sea an about the involvement of Professor Ross Garnaut. He is very upset and is considering taking action against the ABC, but they stand by their report.  There are also several appearences by Tiffany Nonggorr. It also refers to Madang and OK Tedi.  They updated their report yesterday.

The report and Garnaut’s response can be viewed here –  (search for Garnaut’s response)

And here’s the transcript –

Garnaut is upset because he is seen here as a champion of measures to respond to climate change, and advised the Australian Government about this.  But he also works for Lihir and Ok Tedi, who are some of the worst polluters of the environment in PNG.



9 thoughts on “ABC Report on Tailings Dumping in PNG

  1. A Policy should be forward to induvidually “audit’ the foot prints of these PNG mines and extraction projects.

    In return this will fully test the responce of Prof. Garnaut in more ways than one.

  2. Professor Ross Garnaut talked about pollutants in the air and reducing carbon emmission, he totally forgot the sea….and now, the aussie media that once loved him, is going to go after him.
    As for Tiff Nongor, she is a PR dream… an underdog, a woman, against multi-million mining companies polluting the environment…sort of reminds me of a movie. Must be headache for these mining companies she’s challenging.

    1. Frankly,has Garnaut done anything that we can all say yes,he has got the Government of PNG sitting up and taking note of all the hell they are causing to the environment (this includes sea) in and around the mining and explorations that are going on in the country.Or maybe he is just going through the motion and getting paid huge amount of Kina/dollars for just airing his professional/scientific views.He has been in and around PNG for quite a while now as director/manging director for varies companies; quite recently the LGL to Newquest mining.
      I am no academic but I wish in one of his media speech could he spell out the catastrophe that is awaiting PNG if does nothing about the degradation of the land and sea;where most rural areas of PNG depend on for their lively hood since PNG existed.

      Can he honestly say that he has given PNG Government all the information it needs to take heed and do something constructive with his scientific findings and predictions over the last 10 to 20 years he has been on the scene(correct me if I am wrong here).

      I will wait with anticipation to see what happens here on,whether he nor another scientific findings will make the Government of the day and those in the know sit up and take notice of the possible devastation that is coming.We will die away but others will take our place,but I am not so sure if these others will survive after us,will there be “good clean environment for them;I wonder.

  3. There are reports of intimidation and attempted bribery to try and persuade landowners to drop their challenge. Also James Yali – a convicted rapist and former Governor of Madang – has allegedly threatened Tiffany. Plus three of the plaintiffs are missing.

    Things are getting nasty.

  4. It would appear that the whole affair is degenerating into clandestine and underhand tactics in order to win the day for the miners. Future generations of PNG people who may be adversely affected by the mine’s waste disposal arrangements will of course have no say in the matter.

    What is the ‘Godfather’s’ approach again? “I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse?”

    This is a test case. If the resolve of those who have so far bravely withstood legal contest, reportedly illegal intimidation and now possibly direct bribery, now falters, it sets the benchmark for all future issues of this kind.

    Can Tiffany Nongorr be another Erin Brockovich? Today may reveal the answer.

  5. Ramu NiCo tailings case far from over
    Source: The National

    THERE will be further delay to the construction of Ramu NiCo’s deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) system at Basamuk nickel refinery in Madang following a successful notice of motion by Rai Coast villager Louis Medaing at the National Court in Madang last Friday.
    His lawyer, Tiffany Nonggorr of Nonggorr William Lawyers, was granted leave for the case to be heard on Oct 15, a week after three original plaintiffs in the DSTP battle withdrew their case which resulted in the lifting of an interim injunction against construction which had been in place since March.
    Medaing’s fresh application means that Ramu NiCo would have to give an undertaking that it would not blast, pop coral reefs or rocks offshore for any purposes related to either building the DSTP, sinking or laying of pipes and the eventual discharge of the tailings until Oct 15 or further order of the court.
    In related cases, Kurumbukari Landowners Association chairman David Tigavu and former chairman of coastal pipeline association Steven Saud appeared before Justice David Cannings last Thursday.
    Tigavu was summonsed for contempt proceedings against him as a result of his Sept 23 outside the court premises where he shouted down Nonggorr and Ray Williams, both representing Medaing, and also made remarks about Cannings.
    Before turning up at court in the morning, he had sent a letter of apology of Nonggorr.
    The court claims that Tigavu had tried to lower its authority and charged him with four counts of threatening and inciting abuse against persons and parties with matters before the court.
    In his written apology, he claimed that he was under undue pressure and stress from electorate members at the Kurumbukari mine site who wanted to know reasons for delay in the construction work and why there was a total breakdown in communication with Ramu NiCo community affairs programme in carrying out the re-settlement exercise for the displaced people, among other things.
    “The arguments that I made were on the spur of the moment outbursts and I humbly and sincerely apologise to you and you law firm for any inconveniences caused,” the letter read.
    Tigavu stated last week that he was only frustrated that the whole construction work was halted stopping any real progress work from continuing especially the resettlement exercise up Kurumbukari.
    The matter will be heard on Oct 15.
    Meanwhile, Saud pleaded guilty to five counts of assault against a non-governmental organisation worker in front of the Madang police station on Sept 23.
    He was also charged with drunk driving, driving without a licence and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.
    Saud’s case will be heard on Friday. He is on K500 bail.

  6. Deep sea tailings our best option……..what about this……….

    THE Deep Sea Tailings Program (DSTP) is the best recommended method for mines in the country, the Department of Environment and Conservation has said.
    DSTP, a method currently used by the Lihir gold mine and the new Ramu nickle project, involves dumping tailings from mines into the sea.
    DEC assistant aecretary Gunt-her Joku said the DSTP has been used widely in the country.
    Mr Joku said PNG’s landscape and rainfall could affect the tailing if dumped on land. He said the high rainfall and flooding could affect the dams in which tailing are kept.
    He said the high movements of tectonic plates could cause great disruption to the tailings dam if it was established on land.
    Mr Joku said this creates a great risk for projects and prospective investors because of high land compensation demands.
    He said there are no clear cut policies to say how each mining project in the country should apply DSTP and how much of toxic or tailing should be dump into the sea without causing excessive harm to the environment.

    Wari Iam has change the enviromental act………and
    he Wari Iamo and Conrad at COP!^ Mexico pushing to set aside human and enviromental rights from PNG people

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