NASFUND Text Balance Service Statistics

Technology Improving Business Processes, Leveraging Human Capital & Deliverying Greater Customer Value

The NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society (NCSL) for the benefit of our 40,000 members and with forward thinking undertook a project in September of 2008 of developing a suitable system. That system added value to our internal business processes, reduced amount of labor involved and created greater value for members and in anticipation of future changes in the PNG savings and loans industry the system is scalable.

After two years of improvements in the system and refining our business processes, NCSL is well placed delivering greater member value through faster turnaround times, effective communication with members and employers and, enhancing our profound customer-focused relationship with our members.

NCSL decided to develop a system from scratch considering other systems off the shelves cost too much for undesired features and functionalities or, carried too little of what NCSL’s requirements were. Going by the savings and loans legislation and our unique challenges in PNG off the shelf systems have their shortcomings.

With the new savings and loans system (SALS) and recently the introduction of TEXTBAL service for members, NCSL is now pitted against the very best of financial organisations that have branches spanning the nation, not only in the savings and loans sector.


  • NASFUND Textbal Service: 50,000 SMSes per month
  • Communications Center Phone Calls reduced from 25,000 to 16,000 then to 9,000 calls in two consecutive months.
  • Client Service Chamber Queues dropped by half at head office and branches.

79 thoughts on “NASFUND Text Balance Service Statistics

  1. woul like to check ballance to following account for member# 559610-Joel Kakius
    1. Nasfund Member
    2. Nasfun Employer
    3. NCSL General
    4. NCSL Education

    1. Check my balance and send them on this adress. My date of birth is 17/01/1979
      and my membership # 776799.
      The last contribution was on : 24/01/2012.I want my full contribution to be updated.

      Your regards:


  2. My Name is Grace Kavon.
    Member Ship No. 464030
    Could you please email me an updated statement.

  3. My name is John Rory, can you please up date me on my housing entitlements. My membership No.379038, please reply by email.

  4. i cannot check my nas fund balance when loggin on the system is there anything wrong or its just up dating the system

  5. Could someone give me a contact with Management or Board – email address or phone please. I am experiencing lack of / and slow service and I think it is important to raise this at the highest level.

  6. Diffrence of – K803.56
    Checked balance was K127,972.94 on 17/09/2013.
    Checked balance today and it’s K127,169.38.
    Diffrence off K803:56.
    PLease kindly explain

  7. Please, supply me my NCSL statement for 2013 and the remaining balance for the loan for 2014.
    My membership # is 1253983296.

  8. Please, can you send me my Nusfund statement and the remaining balance for the loan for 2014.

    Member No: 951 399
    Member since: 14/10/2013

    Thank you,


  9. Subject: Nas statement request

    Plis can you send me my nasfund name is john.sere and my date of birth is 24/january/1983.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully,

  10. Dear Customers Service Center.

    Can you text or sms my balance thru mobile phone please?

    Can you text or sms my balance on monthly or every , when you receive my contribution

    My mobile phone number is 71111586.

    Joe Waine

  11. Dear Customers Service Center.

    Can you text or sms my balance thru mobile phone please?

    Can you text or sms my balance on monthly or every , when you receive my contribution

    My mobile phone number is 71111586.

    Joe Waine

  12. I am Senen Kapi Kanol, # 450136, Date of Birth 17. 11.1969. please connect me to the Mobile SMS Balance Update Service so that I will get my latest balance as soon as it is updated automatically through my Mobile Phone # 71700877.

  13. please could you text me my latest nasfund balance, this is my membership number 657860, text me on my digicel number 71279493,
    Thank you….

    Herman Vavine

  14. A) Hi, my name is Laka.B.Tamate membership no# 845749, Please I need an update of my balance from the last 5 months as it’s still showing only from feb 2014, send through my phone# 72041230.

    B) Could you also please merge my new (current) account #845749 to the existing account #591623 as I am using with the NCSL. Many thanks, Laka…..

    1. Pls can you give my update on my withdrawal.On 10/10/2014 I applied for my NUSFUND Full Withdrawal.Hope it is about to be paired so please can you let me know?

  15. I have lost my membership number and would like if you could send it through to me and also a statement of my contribution since 2006. My phone number is 79010761..

  16. Housing advance deduction is currently ongoing and am in doubt wheather the deducted amount were added to my quarterly balance statement or not,..

  17. Please can you send me my latest NCSL balance for this month….my membership No. is 451356. Please send through this Ph: 71969636

  18. Dear Customer Service,

    Can you please stop text/Sms my balance statement up dates on sim card No: 76987107 which was stolen last week.
    Please register and text/Sms my balance statement/ updates through this phone No: 76516934.

    Member No: 733958

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  20. Please can you update me on my latest balance.I send an email to nasfund madang but did not received any emails regarding my quires.My date of birth 14121983 and my membership # 694586 and send my updated balance through my email

  21. Please updated the delay of withdrawal for Mr.Daisen Tayovu membership NO:772612 date of birth 01/04/1975

    Akr Consultancy Ltd
    P.O Box 6624.Boroko N.CD

  22. Please can you assist me by sending me my current & updated Nasfund Statement? My membership number is 500803 and my name is Isidore Sirongo.

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