BREAKING NEWS: Chinese mining company desperate to stop new plaintiff

Source: Da Hound

MCC, the Chinese mining company at the centre of controversy over its plans to dump 100 million tons of mine waste into the sea in Papua New Guinea, seems desperate to stop a new plaintiff joining the court case that will challenge the legality of its environmental permit.

While the original three plaintiffs are still missing, after a dramatic opening day to the trial of their case, with no word on their whereabouts, landowner Louis Medaing will today, Wednesday, ask the court to allow him to join the proceedings as a new plaintiff.

But he is under huge pressure from threats and intimidation from MCC.

After court yesterday, Tuesday, MCC representatives rushed to Louis’ village and gathered the leaders from around the area to tell them to tell Louis to NOT proceed with the court case. From that meeting MCC selected certain leaders who they have now brought to Madang to try to meet with Louis prior to todays court hearing to tell him to withdraw his application.

MCC have also told Louis’ brothers that if the marine dumping of the mine waste is stopped because of the court case there will be ‘serious consequences’ for Louis. Louis has taken that as a threat to his personal safety and that of his family.

Louis, from Tugyay Village in Basamuk, has been concerned about the planned dumping of waste into the sea for over 10 years.

After being ignored by the authorities and MCC, earlier this month he approached the lawyers representing landowners opposed to the dumping of waste by MCC and asked if he could join the case as a plaintiff. His original application was presented to the Court two weeks ago but was adjourned by the judge to be heard in Madang yesterday.

But in a dramatic day the original three plaintiffs failed to appear and MCC produced a fax alleging they had changed their allegiance. Judge Cannings has summoned the three to appear in Court today at 1:30 pm to explain their decision and deferred any consideration of Loius’ application until then.

In the meantime, Loius has informed his brothers to tell MCC not to waste their time. He has no intention of talking to them or withdrawing his application. He said he’s been trying to talk to MCC for years and he’s been ingorned – and now all of a sudden they want to talk…


3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Chinese mining company desperate to stop new plaintiff

  1. Da Hound September 22 at 6:40pm (facebook)

    The 3 missing plaintiffs in the Ramu Nico DSTP case have appeared in Madang National Court this afternoon after a summons was issued by Justice David Cannings to explain their decision as to why they are withdrawing their proceedings.

    The 3 were seen arriving at the court house under certain police escort in civilian clothes.

    However, the circumstances surrounding the new plaintiff, Louis Medaing was argued in court by the lawyer representing the defendants. The 3 plaintiffs were represented by Stevens lawyers in Port Moresby argued that the proceeding was not to include Louise Medaing but discontinue the case previously pursued by the 3 plaintiffs.

    Lawyer representing Medaing, Tiffany Nonggorr however made an application for a fresh motion to be filed. Justice cannings granted the application on the grounds that the new plaintiffs had the same interest. When this story was put together, Louise Medaing had taken the witness box to be cross examined. The other 3 plaintiffs are yet to explain to the court why they had to withdraw from the proceedings.

  2. The 3 plaintiff’s that have not being able to handle the pressure and who have rolled over , since their meeting in Parliment house yesterday need to be replaced by another 3 plaintiffs immediatley.
    The ILG’s of this project need to stand up and fight.
    Instead of being weak induviduals , were is the fight that their fathers before them had , has all the ‘land tenue’ tribal battles of long ago gone to waste stand up and be counted you ILG’s.
    You have a strong council stand with her and fight for your childrens , children.
    Please what % do you think this nickle mine will return to you ILG’s ?

    I can assure you there is more value in catching and eating fresh unpolluted sea food than any return fom this chinese nickle mine.
    Wake up … and stop feelin sorry for your selves and fight,.

  3. The injunction has been lifted. The landowners were bought off. Goodbye to the marine environment of Madang. Hello to the rich Chinese who are the only ones who will benefit.


    Liam Fox, Port Moresby

    A court has lifted an injunction that prevented a mine from dumping millions of tonnes of waste into the sea in Papua New Guinea.

    In March, three landowners obtained a temporary injunction preventing the Ramu nickel mine from building a deep-sea tailings pipeline near Madang.

    But Justice David Cannings has lifted the injunction after the plaintiffs this week removed their lawyer and successfully sought to discontinue the legal action.

    The ruling means the mine’s operator, Ramu Nico, can now proceed to dump five million tonnes of tailings a year into a deep-sea trench in Astrolabe Bay.

    Justice Cannings was critical of the plaintiffs’ decision to halt the proceedings on the eve of a trial.

    He said the circumstances were suspicious and people would legitimately wonder if the landowners had been intimidated, threatened or paid off.

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