Will Genia & Steve Renouf Sports Lunch @ Grand Palace

To Attend Download the Booking Form Here


7 thoughts on “Will Genia & Steve Renouf Sports Lunch @ Grand Palace

    1. Hi Kavaologist. The Champgnat Trust is run by Old Boys from my High School in Brisbane. Marist College Ashgrove . We’ve been running these dinners for several years now between just school members but this is the first time we’ve opened it up to the public. The funds raised go towards education projects for children in PNG.

  1. Does Champgnat trust pay for the special guests to come up and for their accommodation while they are here?

    Or in other words – how much of the K400 goes to the education projects?

  2. Manu,

    Am not a great advocate for such gatherings,but every help we can get for the betterment for the PNG children and for their schools I will support.I suppose the money raised will go towards the less fortunate schools in Pom and the whole nation,or am I stretching it bit too far?
    Can I suggest something here,don’t just give them the bubble of money,find out what is really needed and you guys buy it and give it to them or else the poor children will never see the end result;you know what I mean here.
    I will support you with my kind advise and also have fun while you MC

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