Hitron Internet Rates

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Well peoples looks like the rumour I alluded to about Hitron internet was true. I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever seen an internet package that caps at Gigabyte levels. Looks promising, so I’m gonna sign up and tell you how it goes in a couple months time. I’ve covered my internet usage in past posts also here and here.

Then to make matters even more exciting Remington seems to want to get in on the ISP action as well, see their advert below:

And Now Presenting…..the Hitron Internet Rates (for Port Moresby ONLY):

Update 15/10/10:

While were on this topic here’s some info on their VSAT service as well:

12 thoughts on “Hitron Internet Rates

  1. Brother,

    That is a big rip off. Can’t wait for the Fiber to touch down in POM. The issue is around the regulatory in PNG take a cut. There is cheap internet via Sat from Thailand that has a foot print in PNG. Only need a 95cm Dish with a two-way KU Band receiver.

    Let me know if you want the details.


    1. Dom, can you send me an email with some details on what you mentioned about satelite service from thailand which can be picked up in pom

  2. That’s great news Manu,

    It’s a marked improvement from the 40t per MB rate charged by Telikom (although i stand corrected as to whether this was in fact the best rate). This is a move in the right direction price wise so hopefully things can get better as more ISP’s pop-up. And a quick check on the Telikom website reveals that they’ll be releasing their NEW ADSL broadband rates in the next 48 hours…some things never change LoL.

    With the infrastructure Hitron’s been building up over the years, I suspect moving into ISP’s was always on the cards. However, one area which our ISP’s should be looking at is partnering with local tech firms to flood the market with affordable computers…the more people who own computers, the greater the demand for the internet and the less it should cost.

    On the subject of fibre optics….this would not be a realistic option for PNG given the huge costs involved in installation. For the National Broadband Network planned for Australia, for example, it was estimated that it would cost about A$7000 to hook up one house….imagine how much that’ll cost in PNG. We’d be better off moving to wireless technologies.

  3. Just to show some comparisons with Hitrons new internet service. Datec sells surfzone (wifi) cards for the following rates:

    K100 = 160MB
    K50 = 100MB
    K20 = 30MB

    Now compare that to Hitron which gives you 2GB for K100. Its a HUGE difference??!!

    Not only that but Datec’s pricing doesn’t make sense because if you buy two K50 cards then thats 200MB which is more than if you buy a K100 card which gives you 160MB.

    So who’s getting the extra value in all these pricings?

  4. I was considering the Hitron package but instead chose telikoms Wireless Broad Band service (Wimax). For me the choice wasnt really about speed, capacity or price but more based around my lazy approach to life. I thought it would be easier for me to just go down and buy rait prepaid cards when i needed to top it up. If i dont have any money, well i wont be ‘punished’ and have it removed.
    I got no complaints, once in a while it gets a bit slow so have had to improvise with aluminuim foils etc to boost signal strength.
    With my increasing heavy investment of time on the net, i find that K50 can last for two weeks if i dont do any significant video uploads or large downloads.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful information with all of us..Its a great news for me..My business is totally on internet and for this I was looking for the highest internet speed connection..As speed matters a lot to me even few seconds slower internet can be a reason for loss in my business I will definitely look forward to it..
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  6. Hitron rate is Not k100 for 2gb. I called them to ask. K100 is the fixed monthly fee. Whether you use or not. After that, you are charged 0.20 per megabyte used. Your service is stopped once you hit 2gb usage

  7. Thanks, have now made up my mind..that is, will try the Hitron option, wasnt too sure, but after reading all the above posts, helped me make up my mind…tnx

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