Parkop Wants You To Go Fishing

Took some pics of the Park, see below:


5 thoughts on “Parkop Wants You To Go Fishing

  1. As they say ” a picture tells a thousand words”;the park looks okay from the pictures and also the idea behind the parks is okay too.But honestly do we need it right now?Who in their right mind would drive up there,one will need a parade of soldiers and police to accompany us there and back.What I am saying is,is it save for any women to drive there with her children or others in her car? Is it save for any one to drive up there (leisurely) and back without being held up or stone thrown at their vehicle?

    Was enough study done to see if the people of Port Moresby wanted the park in the first place?Would they use the park with their families or friends or wantoks etc etc. What about the economic and social aspect of having this park,the upkeep and security of the people getting there and going back home.If the city council did not do their home work then all I can is,it will be another waste of money which would be better used to upgrade the roads,sewerage system,bus stops(stations),better buses for people to use. Improve law and order of the city etc.

    Is the park used by the Port Moresby residence and if so how many.Are the schools in and around Pom using it,if not;it is a total waste of money and people behind the idea did not do their homework.

  2. Judy I disgree with you. Perhaps you (ugh… hello? Do you live in Port Moresby?) need to do some homework yourself!

    Even if the NCDC had not spent (whatever fortune it cost) money on this park, it certainly would not go towards roads, sewerage, bus stops, buses or law and order.

    NCDC alone is not responsible for all those things. For your information, Eda Ranu (a malaysian owned company based in our capital city) regulates the water and sewers system in Port Moresby. While the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (based all over the country) are tasked with dealing with law and order.

    From your ranting, one would think the drive there (about thirty minutes from Boroko to the park at a safe 60km/hr) sound like a war zone in Afghanistan!

    And one more thing, check your dictionary for the meanings of save and safe.

    For those wishing to go, do it! Use the same precautions you would when travelling to a new/faraway location – travel in a group and take a charged mobile phone and advise a friend or relative of your trip. So they can check for you should anything (God forbid) go wrong.

    1. Well said Volz.

      I like the thinking behind Parkop’s actions to beautify our city and creating an environment conducive for an enjoyable lifestyle in Moresby. We must start taking our city back from hooligans. For so long, we have allowed non-tax-paying thugs to dictate how we our lives.

      They are a double liability to society for: 1) demanding more government services at no cost to them, and 2) limiting the freedoms of all law abiding and tax paying citizens who deserve to enjoy a bit of civilised life for their sweats. I am happy to help shoulder the former burden but definitely not the latter.

      If we don’t get out and enjoy our city, then who else will? Leave the thugs to the police to deal with and get on with living life. Take the necessary precautions but do not overemphasise this aspect and live a boring and fearful life.

  3. Judy,

    I have been living at Morobe block, a settlement just past 9mile for a year now and I can assure you that people drive up and down the road which takes you to the park at 14 mile. Our roads at 9mile are the busiest on the weekends with people (men, women &children) both expats and papua new guineans driving up to Sogeri, PAU and other places. I see many of these people stopping by the road side to buy flowers from the Morobeans. I totally agree with Volz. Use the same precautions that you would anywhere else and as David so rightly says-‘If we don’t enjoy our city then who else will?

  4. With the money taxpayers are putting in, we deserve some form of entertainment. Pom’s pretty boring so at least there’s an opportunity. Just be careful and maybe organise a group to go there and enjoy!

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