QUT Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Winner 2010

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Someone that I’ve always looked up to and hope to be like one day. Anthony Smare was awarded the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Winner for 2010 from Queensland University of Technology. You can download their newsletter here: LinksAugust10

Here’s what they had to say about him:

“ONE of Papua New Guinea’s leading lawyers and company directors, Anthony Smare, is making a significant contribution in his country.

Completing his QUT Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology) / Bachelor of Laws dual degree in 1998, Mr Smare joined law firm Allens Arthur Robinson, first in Melbourne and then in Port Moresby, where he was named a partner at the age of 31.

Mr Smare left legal practice in 2005 and is now director of a wide range of organisations in PNG, including national telco Telikom, mining regulator PNG Mineral Resources Authority, mobile telco Bemobile, microfinance bank Nationwide Microbank and retail conglomerate City Pharmacy.

He helped lead the expansion of the world’s largest gold miner, Barrick Gold, in PNG and is director and general manager of corporate and legal for the company’s PNG subsidiaries.

“PNG is in the middle of a resources boom, but also has significant development problems associated with developing countries,” Mr Smare said. “Thus there is significant opportunity for young educated and motivated Papua New Guineans to make a tremendous impact to the country’s development and the lives of the people.”

Mr Smare is also executive trustee of the PNG Halivim Wantok Disaster Fund which raises money for disaster relief and restoration projects and has plans for more projects to help others in PNG. “I enjoy making a difference and I think I have made some impact,” he said.

– Rachael Wilson


3 thoughts on “QUT Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Winner 2010

  1. Congrats to Anthony.

    But, on closer inspection, I’m not so sure you’d want to be like him – maybe as successful as him – but not like him. Trust me.

    1. “I’d rethink that ” : You have provoked me to say my bit here;I too as a fellow human being have my flaws BUT;
      Do I suspect you know more then what you said so far? Remember we all have big flaws in our make up as human beings; so if you are that way inclined,I suggest you look in your backyard first.Or is it the “green monster” syndrome?Or are you just making a monkey out of us bloggers?

      You have me wandering what in the world are you about in reference off course to your few lines of comments;are you for or against? ? ? ?

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