Who Do You Call in POM When Your Back Goes?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve had a shocker of a week so far. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later. At 33 I have a bulging belly, countless scrum action from over 10 years of rugby, a 7 kilo daughter who sleeps in a cot that’s about a metre deep. So after bending over nearly every night to put her in the cot I did my back and that was that. I’ve been in bed unable to walk since Saturday afternoon and in PNG who do you call when your back goes?

Well lucky for me I have a certain Brian Kwarara who I’ve been seeing for my rugby injuires for 10 years now. He’s a young Physio who does house calls and honestly thank god he visited me yesterday to give my muscles a rub down cos work was piling up and well I just generally felt like crap. But I can finally sit up and walk a little today.

So thought I’d share his phone numbers here in case anyone needs a Reflexologist. Call him on 731 43344. In case you’re also wondering he studied at the Queensland School of Reflexology.

Brian giving me a rub down with the offending Cot in the background

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