What Do You Think Clinton & Somare Had A Chat About?

So yes of course its big news, Hillary Clinton was in town. But have a look at the pics below and I want you to tell me what they are discussing here. And lets be creative and smartly subtle if we can.


11 thoughts on “What Do You Think Clinton & Somare Had A Chat About?

  1. hmmm… judging by her body language in the first picture, she is probably thinking “This guy is such an honest man. How can the rest of the world think that PNG is in the top 5 corrupt countries on this planet.”

  2. First pix – “Madam secretary, you know America has to live up to its self-proclaimed image as the bearer of hope for the oppressed by doing something about the West Papuan issue.”

    Second pix – “Well done grand chief, you’ve managed to sidestep West Papua tactfully. Come here, you deserve a pat on the back for not putting me on the spot light”.

  3. @Peter and Charlotte – LMAO! lol

    The only thing that pissed me off was when the PM didn’t know how to answer the question on what the govt is doing on the issue of violence against women. Goodness me, you don’t have to put your wrath on the poor foreign journalist who’s asking a very clear and relevant question than the first journalist from Post Courier

  4. PM: “I think America’s Top Model is such a great show, it seems that it has spread around the globe. My daughter watches it every night. We are thinking of having a show like that in PNG, funded of course by the PNG LNG project. In fact, we shall call PNG’s Next Top Vision 2100 Model. We believe it will solve the gender issue in PNG. What do you think Hillary?

    Hillary: I think that is an excellent idea. After visiting your country to see what all the hype was about, i cant help but feel let down abit that your city in the middle of the tropics is such a dust bowl. Yes, I’m pretty sure Tyra and her amazing panel of judges can work her magic here and help you all appreciate women better. And PNG’s Next Top Vision 2100 Model is a great name. Did you think of it yourself?

    PM: Hahaha…its not for me to claim all the glory. We hired consultants who went through extensive processes and came up with the name.

    Hillary: Hiring consultants…that’s an interesting way to run a country.

    PM: Yes. Its the Melanesian Way. Its the reason why we are so successful.

  5. Clinton: So Sir Mike, I noticed a distinct lack of McDonalds in PNG, what gives?

    Somare: That’s why we bought the new Jet, I get mine flown in.

    Clinton: What about the expense?

    Somare: This is the best part, I get another Red Headed Clown from Australia to pick up the tab!

  6. My guess is they talked about women and children’s rights. Clinton is an advocate and I’m sure she put some pressing issues to Somare. Violence against women and children for example.

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