Pom City by Naka Blood

Good to see a group getting their music out there just because they love what they do…they dont even have a record deal yet.


9 thoughts on “Pom City by Naka Blood

    1. Yeah we’re slowly getting there…what I love about these guys is that they’ve just done their own video and did their own music and went to the radio station to hand in their music for them to play it. All of this without a record deal. That’s true passion for your art.

      1. That’s awesome stuff! It’s great to hear our own progressing with musical and lyrical talent, especially when its done in a home-based studio. I know a couple of groups and individuals doing that these days and the stuff coming out from them are just amazing…and none of them have recording contracts or anything of the sort. We probably need more musical talent competitions to challenge and bring out the young aspiring artists.

  1. mate, png music is really getting there— very strong hip hop influence, what with the crip walk and all… we need to get these guys properly produced by studios like mango productions

  2. New & upcoming groups /studios are taking Papua New Guinea music to the next level. Unfortunately, our more well established recording studios and artists have not adapted to the global trend.

  3. Coolpla marning , When is the next gig and where.
    hype hip hop and advance. Had enough of listening those one beat thing.

  4. thats some hot stuff !! top notch guys !! u know wats funny….they call themslevs NAKA BLOODS and one guy in the video dose a CRIP WALK !! hahah lol……you guys are doing well !! keepin it real !! dont forget our reggea !! original roots music!!

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