Miss South Pacific Pagent in Port Moresby

Pic by Bobby Weber

Well the race is on…the Miss South Pacific Pageant entrants have begun arriving in Port Moresby and what a full on week it will be. Workshops, state visits, community visits, cultural shows, sponsor visits, floats and rehearsals and last but not least the Crowning at the Indoor Stadium at Waigani on Saturday the 27th of November.

Although the Miss South Pacific Pageant has been running since 1987, this will be the first time that PNG will be playing host and the second time a Melanesian country has hosted this event.Fiji was host last year with Miss Fiji Marawelesi Nailatikau taking out the Miss South Pacific crowning last year, so maybe PNG’sRachael Sapery Jameswill be in the running for our first hosting of the event.

Judgng by the over 800 members on the pageant Facebook pagearegional interest is definately keen on who will win. You can actually put in yourvote as well on their website so if you have a favourite go to their site here.

Miss Aotearoa New ZealandMiss Cook IslandsMiss Hawaii Miss Papua New GuineaMiss SamoaMiss Solomon Islands

19 thoughts on “Miss South Pacific Pagent in Port Moresby

    1. tenk god rachel james didnt win.susu pundaun pinis olsem lapun meru tasol wip yet lo mosbi wantaim ol masta.we wanna fresh miss png.not recycled kaikai belonging to px pilots pls

    2. arent png women suppose to be melanesian? rachel james is a red skin more like expat.is she naturalized citizen or dim dim wannabee? she looks cross eyed too! sorry wantoks dont mean to be too harsh but when you compare rachel james against the real comp not the png standard, she really is like, nating.maybe dats why she came last? sorry but thats my feelings with this meri from nilpis country.

  1. Miss PNG was out of her mind. Her costumes didn’t reflect anything about Papua New Guinea. I reckon her title should be Miss Rachael S. James that’s all.

  2. Whoever decided on the costumes for Miss PNG is a disgrace. Her dressing was the most unoriginal I have seen. Having a supposed beak that looked more like a horn poking out of the head of a beautiful woman is not on.

    We are the most colourful Pacific island nation but that colour and flair did not come out. I agree with Peraki. I struggled to see and feel PNG in the Miss PNG. It took me a while to realise that the “horn” was actually meant to be a beak and that she was a Kumul on the night. Kumul’s fine but how about our original costumes. Yumi no sot long bilas. There are more than 800 to choose from.

  3. The Miss South Pacific Pageant Quest is a national embarrassment and disgrace for Papua New Guinea and its people. We have successfully hosted the South Pacific Games in 1990 and many international conferences in the past, but this has put the country to shame and questions our ability to host another beauty pageant in future.
    The chaperon of Miss PNG should lower her head in shame as she has failed dramatically to dress and present our Queen to the Pacific. She seems to have no experience about our culture, all the attire that she show cased was pathetic and lacked quality, style, elegance and does not represent any of the hundreds of traditional costumes found in PNG. There was no elegance of a lady in our queen when she presents herself on stage during the cat walks.
    There was a lot of money contributed by the Private sector to make this event a success, where did all the money go to? The organising committee did a terrible job. Why didn’t the committee involve professional groups and events companies to organise the crowning night? The stage presentation was terrible with no flowers or Pacific designed at the backdrop, except to the blinding lights. There were no proper stage for the queens to show case their costumes and doing their catwalks.
    All the beautiful ladies should be complemented with a bouquet of flowers and bilums for their efforts to take back as good memories.
    The food was terrible, the place was hot and everyone was restless as they endured the terrible heat whilst waiting, so much for paying the K1000 for food good enough for the pigs. Why not use the services of Crown Plaza or Holiday Inn for the food and beverages as people want to get want they pay for.
    The gaps were not filled during the filming by EMTV which also did a very poor coverage. Im sure all the TV stations around the Pacific wanted to air the program but cannot due to the poor quality of the video production.
    Fiji has raised the bar in last year’s beauty contest with a one week festival and fair during the pageant and cost only $5 dollars for the crowing night. Daditoka Junior should hold his head in shame , he was part of the committee in Fiji for last year’s pageant, didn’t he observe the routines, the amount of resources used, the planning and the types of people and organisations involved in staging the quest?
    Our very own Miss PNG Crowing nights are well organised events and is very well covered by EM TV for the nation to view.


  4. Thanks Nana…I think in publicity any news is good news and the more people talk about this event the more I can see that it has actually touched people. Okay sure maybe it touched most in the wrong way and it offended and embarrsed. But that just goes to show how much we all had staked personally on this event.

    I think yes they may have missed out on the smaller things here and there, but I’d love to see them have another crack at this.

    So lets walk through some of the issues:

    1. Yes the food was a let down. Well whoever was in charge should never be used again if we want the next one to be a hit.

    2. The Venue. I can sympathise with them here, PNG let alone POM does not have the facilities for such large crowds. I hear that the venue was chosen due to a number of considerations. A) The ceilings had to be high in order to accommodate lighting and other technical equipment, B) A venue with the capacity to seat over 400 people was required.

    3. Where did the money go, well it appears that Ticket sales from the event were used to cover most costs of the 7 day event.

    4. Whoever is in charge of the Stadium did not help in that they were paid to service there A/C but they also failed on their part.

    5. I think its also unfair that MIss PNG is blamed for the plastic plates and/or the committee being blamed for Miss PNG’s performance. They were two sperate groups with two different responsibilities.

    I think in the end, yes ok it was a mess perhaps on some fronts, but I dont think we can say the whole thing was a failure. Now we know what we can and cant do. I don’t think we should cower away and not have another crack at this.

    1. no! no! No! miss png must accept responsibility for the disgraceful event.she goes on em-tv and big mouths like she wns pom and treats others like she is some stuk up hapkas expat from blarry new hanover.her family all mentally unstable.just ask any kavieng they will tell you.she is nobdy in nips but the son shines out of her ass in pom….wait till they really get to know this chick….half of kavieng,rabaul and pom does!!!! wink wink say no more!

      1. hones jane, yu tok tru stret!! im a local in kavieng and its a well known fact around the town that her family is not exactly mentally healthy…mi no bagarapim ol but, it is true what jane is saying!

        i was very proud and happy when i heard that a nips girl won the miss png title, but when i found out it was Rachel james, i was like…”WHAT!? -how is this possible??” i seriously could not believe it.

        btw…miss hawaii is SMOKIN!! 😛

    2. Good Evening,
      I am a third year tourism & hospitality student at the University of Papua New Guinea.
      Our major assignment for our course major: Convention & Events Management is to write-up an Assessment Report/ Event Evaluation Report on any event (provincial, national & international) that took place in PNG. We are to carefully scrutinize to different aspects in planning, organizing, and executing the event.
      We have chosen to base our report write-up on the Miss South Pacific 2010 beauty pageant held in Papua New Guinea.
      We would like to know if you have any information containing this event.
      Such information as:
      1. Tradition & History of the Miss South Pacific 2010 events.

      2. Assessment on the Feasibility /Viability/Aspects
      i. Technical Resources
      ii. Financial Resources
      iii. Production
      iv. Human Resource
      v. Marketing

      3. Assessment On The Suitability Of The Event (Theme, Venue, Date, Performers)

      4. Assessment On The Impacts Of The Event

      Please would you kindly assist me with this information.
      All information received will be for sole academic purpose only and not to be used for commercial purposes at any one given time.
      This assignment is due on the 8th of September so a favorable response from you would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you for your time.

      Yours Sincerely,

      Reka Pake
      Group Leader
      726 85504

  5. and who picked the judges? why the topic research presentation wasnt judged? it was written black and white that the judgind events were: 1)research topic presentation or pre-pageant interview 2)Traditional Costume 3)Sarong Wear 4)Talent 5)Stage Interview.
    If the pre=pagent interview wasnt judged, why no one said anything about it? why the judges were lined up in front attentively marking down their presentation? and timed it as it was strictly 5mns max…yeah, i timed miss cook was OVER 5minutes…so the judges decided not to judge that event because……only who knows????……oh…..because Miss Tonga, the youngest, was the best?
    How come Miss NZ came 1st runner up and won Miss tourism? No kidding she was the worst pageant. Miss Tokelau, Miss Niue and Miss Samoa did well, not to mention Miss Tonga who was outstanding and was the people’s favourite? Miss NZ island creation was a ball gown compare to Miiss Niue/Tokelau/ american Samoa/Fiji in which it is what we call island creation. Ms NZ’s presentation was awful as she forgot most of her lines and looked lost on stage..judges? whats wrong?
    Miss HAwaii arrived late to the programmes, twist her ankle and missed most of the programmes. Miss Cook didnt make it to alotau, i guess she stayed back to do her research..what happened to the contestants who stayed strong and have participated in all the programmed, with no complaints despite the stupid programme and arrangements the committee has made? Miss NZ ‘s reaction to everything was”yuck”!!! and the judges picked her to be miss tourism!!!
    oh, i forgot, some of the judges are from NZ and OZ,..pakehas….yeah that judge who chanted all the time, wasting time, yeah…rite..borring!!!!
    with the haka of the all blacks its enough!please NZ, pick a real maori not a pakeha full of maori crap!
    To make things clear, the judges should announce the winner/1st & 2nd runner up of each judged event/category, so people will have a fair idea about the result. yes, miss cook was great, but obviously, mz nz doesnt deserve the 1st runner up and miss tourism.

  6. …and Moses Tau came in and ruined everything by singing with a terrible voice, jumping in and out of stage, squatting on stage and continuously wiping his lip stick drenched by his sweat!

  7. why getting drunk and performing like animals on stage?? i think Moses Tau was a disraced to the viewers. Miss PNG shouldn’t be blamed as Emmanuel has mentioned, it’s that culprit who needs to be taught how to perform for diffrent occassions.

    1. miss png rachel james from nilpis province looked so old compared to the ada young ones.couldnt png put up someone more attractive rather than recycled pilots fodder? eh mi giaman? hello!

      1. we know rachel having met her at a number of functions at air nuigini at oz high comm.she is a stylish woman and many png girls will be jealus of her.i know because i have lived in png for over 45 years.her personal life has nothing to do with the title she holds.to be frank, if she wants to quap like a dingo in pom because she doesnt get it in her home town good luck to her (& her boyfriend[s]).so what? a woman needs to eat! she has her needs.seems to us that too many jelous types out there wanking themselves over this woman hoping they can jam it first but too bad.first in best dressed…wait till next year wantoks.

  8. I was disgusted by Ms. PNG’s performance, but you got to admit she did try her best. What if she dressed up in some typical highlands attire? What would all you coasties be saying ? and vis versa.

    She tried her best to portray every region of the country! Its a bit hard to find you so called “PNG women” who can show the same energy and charisma that she had.

    Leave her alone! She smart, shes beutiful and she’s bloody hell sexy! I’d make love to you any day Rachael.

    But thats never gonna happen,


    1. My ! My ! you kids, that is really the most nasty piece of language I have seen on masalai blog,that poor girls humanity has been peeled from her head down.What has she done wrong!did she win the miss PNG?If she did, hooray for Rachel.
      So what if she has been down there and done you name it under PNGs sun,em too samting bilong em.
      If one of her papa or mama is PNG consider her PNG from head to toe;even if her skin and her other features is more “narapela kind”,she is still Papua New Guinean.If her susu is down to her kness and she has never had a child does she not qualify to be there and win or lose?
      Come on,lets me fair,what if she was your daughter,sister,friend or whatever.Give her a fair go ; and hopefully the organizers of the quest will improve on their acts before next years events..

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