An Early Christmas Break Perhaps?

Well deck the hall with boughs of buai…looks like one of our big men (not Santa Claus), is off to an early Christmas break. It seems all the Halabaloo about the legality of the GG’s position has finally come to a climax of sorts. Scott Waide reports from his PNG News facebook group as follows:

Scott Waide December 11 at 7:47am
A five bench Supreme Court has found serious breaches of the constitution reguarding the election of the Governor General. The high court today has ruled that parliament resume within 40 days for sections of the leadership code have been breached. The court says the supposed GG’s election was actually a vote to nominate Sir Paulias as a candidate and that further voting through a secret ballot should have been undertaken. Sir Paulias will cease holding office at 12 midday of Monday 13th DEC 2010. Jeffery Nape shall be the Acting Governor General.”
Well very interesting…I was speaking to a lawyer about this and they also raised another interesting legal question. If the GG is the one that officially appoints ministers then does it mean that all the ministers in Somare’s cabinet are also there illegally?
So if that’s the GG stood down, is Somare next? His issues are also building up and we’re just waiting for Christmas now to see what Santa will bring?

5 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Break Perhaps?

  1. The Constitution has spoken through the Judiciary. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of a long road to right the wrongs against our Constitution.

    Where is Jeffrey Nape? Can someone pull him by the ears and drag him out and make him to answer for his part in spitting on our Constitution? He must explain to us why he arrogantly pushed around our elected representatives like a bunch of pigs. Parliament is the official assembly of the people of Papua New Guinea and not some guy called Jeffrey Nape’s pig sty at Sinasina.

    1. David, you are right yet wrong. He was pushed around by the so called elected representatives (primarliy Somare) who wanted the current GG to remain.

      I am constantly amazed that so many are mere puppets.

      Agree that we may be seeing a sliver of light in the darkness.

  2. Always have very interesting episodes year by year for my political reviews. PNG still beats other PICs in news worthy issues and events!

  3. we have now a few supposed leaders of PNG who think they are above the law and the countries constitution…… There lawyers are kidding themselves and will draw this out for as long as they can so they can earn even more from the these fat cats.

  4. This story actually raises two issues. The first is the inherent weakness of the PNG Constitution. But what can we expect, given the political expediency of a few selfish politicians at the time to bring Independence forward with a rush and ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the country. In contrast, it took over a decade of debate between the Australian States before our Constitution was finally accepted. Given more time and debate, the fabric of PNG’s Constitution could have been framed so that it may have prevented recent abuses. Clearly those who worked on the Constitution in the mid 1970’s couldn’t imagine people would or could manipulate the juxtaposition of the Speaker, PM and access to public funding those in power could and would use.

    The second issue is the manner in which political candidates are chosen and elected. Regionalism and traditional viewpoints are still very important. Responsibility and accountability seem to be easily subsumed by the offer of material wealth. Until the Supreme Court finally acted, PNG was on the cusp of anarchy and it’s still not out of the woods yet. Without responsible and responsive leadership, the country is in danger of further disintegration.

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