Oxfam report-Violence and Insecurity in the Southern Highlands

https://masalai.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/6a00d83454f2ec69e201348567c8cb970c-250wi.jpg?w=250“Recent economic growth in PNG has not translated into an increase in living standards for ordinary Papua New Guineans. Unequal wealth distribution, a lack of economic opportunities and poor service delivery to the rural majority has been accompanied by an increase in criminal activities and corrupt practices, although causal relationships between these factors are hard to establish.

A resource rich region, the SHP has one of the highest provincial revenues in the country, but per capita Provincial revenue is lower than the national average. SHP is one of the worst performing provinces in the country in terms of socio-economic indicators. Conflict and lawlessness have contributed substantially to this lack of progress, accompanied by corruption in political affairs at the provincial and district levels.”

Read the full Report Here

(Image from Peter’s post on Keith Jacksons blog titled ‘Coming to terms with Violence in PNG’)


5 thoughts on “Oxfam report-Violence and Insecurity in the Southern Highlands

  1. Emmanuel – thanks for the acknowledgment. I don’t really mind anyone using my pictures.

    This was taken at Banz a few years ago when some members of my wife’s family were involved with a dispute with the Police over the recycling of corrugated roofing material from a derelict building. The Police apparently believed it rightly belonged to another group, so attacked them with M16’s without asking questions. This young man has been shot through the arm by the police. A bit of an overreaction to a few kids taking some old corrugated iron.

    He was taken to a local Catholic clinic and recovered OK.

    But I think it is a sad reflection on the state of police/community relations in the Highlands.

  2. Manu, your last comment on this thread is interesting. Your idea of “how educated” got me thinking about a local approach that may be used in Papua New Guinea to address, not only tribal wars, but equally, the problems of ethnic clashes in and around our urban areas. I will be blunt. It is ALWAYS our countrymen from the Highlands who are involved one way or another in such acts. The whole country’s image is terrible overseas. And we continously allow ourselves to be dragged along with this tribalistic acts. When the global media outlets get hold of such stories coming out of PNG, the tourism and investment opportunities are affected, our neighbours in the Pacific Islands think we are inferior, and the list of negative outcomes are perpetuated. It is truly a national concern.

    I seem to think that the educated elites from the Highlands region should become more influential in educating and creating awareness amongst their fellow tribesmen. It is one way of putting their knowledge of our multicultural sociey to good use. Speaking out against such acts of barbarism is a powerful tool, especially from the sons and daughters of the Highlands whose world-view of the society is informed by their learning. This is a good way of using local faces and expert legitimacy in denouncing these acts.

    What do we think?

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