bemobile Turbo, have you tried it?

Digicel is a formiable competitor in all its markets, so it’s good to see bemobile hitting back with some punches.

I’m not on bemobile, although I was curious about their recent Trubo promotion which gives you 5 times the value of what you pay for. So for example if you buy K5 Turbo, you get:

  • 10 min, 40 SMS (bemobile to bemobile),
  • 5 min, 5 SMS (any network),
  • 5 MB data
  • All valid for 14 days

The highest package is for K40 which gives you:

  • 100 min, 300 SMS (bemobile to bemobile)
  • 50 min, 30 SMS (any network),
  • 25 MB data
  • All valid for 30 days

And it appears that data is free for phones with internet, so looks interesting. Is there anyone out there on bemobile that’s using this promo deal and how do you think its going. Let us know?


8 thoughts on “bemobile Turbo, have you tried it?

  1. Waited 8 long years to get this from bemobile. But it’s finally arrived and it is good. Now I am able to rack up longer call minutes and send more text messages for the same cost.

    Sorry can’t tell how much better, or worse, it is compared to Digicel as I have only subscribed to bemobile since day dot.

  2. Love it. Love also the special triple up deal they have where bemobile triples your credit free if you top up for over K100. I bought K100 credit, they gave me K300 worth of credit. I bought Turbo and it gives me 5 time value. So for every K1 i spent, I am getting K15 value. Normally I’d spent probably K60-70 a week in top up but since these deals came on the market, I haven’t topped up in a month now after the first K100 and I’ve got free internet on my phone.

    Its pretty awesome 🙂

  3. Triple friday today, that means you get triple on how much you top up. Eg; K5-K15, K10-K30…ect,,,,,,,,,also, every minute after the first minute of the same call is charged at K0.01t/min. Thats the wantok rate. They also give you free text and calls to digicel aswel.

    There Samsung E1107 retails for K69 and has K53 credits already on the phone. Hencer, the phone costs K16 and it come packed with features like FM radio, mp3 ringtones, and color screen, torch.

    I know all this coz i just got mine last week.


  4. Hi Guys, just to let you know that in association with bemobile we’ll be running a promotion on our facebook fan page at for the month of March 2011 where you can win TURBO mobile credits. You don’t need to post anything on our fan page wall (although that would be nice), you’ll have to text a number we give you. So it’s something like every new TURBO top-up you make, there’s a chance to double, triple or quadruple your credits. The whole idea apart from the obvious sales point of view is to get bemobile into the social media buzz and see how utilising social media can benefit them. More info coming soon on We also have other companies in line to donate prizes etc… so the broader the prizes the more exciting it is. We’re already providing accommodation as a prize once a month. If everything goes well, we hope to provide airline tickets as prizes too. Cheers

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