I Love Mr. Yo Yo

This really is a waste of work time, but I love coming across these same images used by different companies for marketing. I wonder who used the image first?

So below is a Digicel promo in our PNG newspapers and the last image is a poster for Yo Yo Prawn Crackers in the Solomon Islands.

5 thoughts on “I Love Mr. Yo Yo

  1. Hi Manu,
    I am in a battle with copyrights and in the similar situation.

    Remember “Yu Tok”?? Well, I start that, registered it…. and now Post Courier and NauFM and using it.

    I sent and email to the “Chief Editor” of Post Courier complaining out it. He just told me to “F**k off” in an indirect way.

    Told me, that it was an idea that just poped up in their workshop and they used it. And if Mr. Chief Editor try to google it…. he would have found that it’s been used….even check with IPA and realised it’s been registered…

    But he didn’t do that….. now Post Courier is making money out of it selling 45,000 copies daily….

    while the creator is just pushed aside with no regards to them.

    naufm even got an award on this Yu Tok programe and didn’t even acknowledge that it was me who ran the first ever “Yu tok” show with them……

    I feel so hopeless that big companies can just run over smaller ones without any regards to copyrights!

    over to you!

  2. Hi Manu,
    I don’t have a legal background. I tried checking with IPA but they don’t have a copyrights person. All they have is a Patent person which I think are two different subjects.

    I checked wth the acts and I come up with the following…
    Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4, protection under this Act shall not extend to:
    (a) any idea, procedure, system, method of operation, concept, principle, discovery or mere date, whether expressed, described, explained, illustrated or embodied in a work; and
    (b) any official text of a legislative, administrative or legal nature or any official translation thereof.
    I think Yu Tok comes under this catergory as we only register it as an NGO not patent it in any way.

    Post Courier is making one hell of money since August 2010 – 43,000 copies sold across the country

    What is your view?


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