Young Music 4 Young PNG

Young Music 4 Young PNG is a celebration of the youth through music and will feature;

Kween G from the KillaQueenz (SYDNEY)
Tuff Tumas (Vanuatu)
Mirrah (U.S.A)
Akay 47 (P.N.G)
ANimal Audio (P.N.G)

TICKETS are K50 a head and will be selling at the following retailers

Waigani Dekmog Trading
IPL Kone Autoport;
and IPL Boroko Autoport

Ticket sales STOP 24th April, it will be K70 if you rock up and decide to purchase at the DOOR on the NIGHT!

The event will showcase an awesome array of talent and more importantly, a display of community spirit. The artists are on a tight schedule and will be volunteering at the PNG Children s Foundation Feeding Program up at 6 mile and the Cheshire Homes. They will do two music workshops and visit the POM General Hospital.

Through this event we hope to promote the spirit of volunteerism and community work,as well as spread a message of hope and inspire young people to persevere in their endeavors.


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