Boat Trips in Port Moresby

Okay so not everyone has a boat berthed at the Port Moresby Yacht Club and maybe not everyone has a wantok or mate that owns a dinghy at Vabukori, so if you’re one of those people and your keen to go on boating or fishing trips around POM, check out the details below from ‘Sport Fishing PNG & Boat Charters’.

Game fishing                                                                 starting from K850
Picnic at Fisherman’s Island                                       starting from K850
Catalinnah is also available for charter this weekend and we are offering great specials to local Port Moresby residents. Tours on board catalinnah include:
Gamefishing and Bottom Fishing                              starting from K3500
Fisherman Island Transfers                                        starting from K1500
Twilight harbour cruise (5-7PM)                                 starting from K800
Twilight fishing (4-7PM)                                               starting from K2000

For more information  >>   Port Moresby fishing


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