A Review of Vehicle Industry Websites by PNGCars.com

By Jaive Smare of PNGCars.com

The growing use of the internet by Papua New Guineans and expatriates in the country to search used cars, new cars, traffic and road information has caused many companies and organisations in the industry to change their websites to connect better with these users.
Previously, if you visited the websites of many of these organisation, they were mere brand oriented websites, done with almost no thought on how they would be able use the technology more effectively to serve their business goals.
In the last 3 years, we have seen a change in the website designs for various organisations including MVIL, PNG Motors, Ela Motors and Boroko Motors, while others have yet to change. Interestingly, only one organisations is already using Facebook.
Ela Motors
Ela Motors previous website was quite a mediocre site that really did nothing for the company.
It was basically a website with contacts and locations for the company. 
Last year, they redesigned the website and it looks much better with more functionality and able to sell more of their products here.
I like that they have features that are similar to http://www.pngcars.com, especially with uploading images of cars on sale, with details, prices and contact numbers.
It loads faster than the Boroko Motors or the PNG Motors website, this may be due to the fact that it at the moment has less content than the other too.
I feel they need to put much more effort into the website filling it with updated content and develop a better internet strategy. But it is a great well designed site, attractive and easy to use.

Boroko Motors

Previously, Boroko Motors had an aesthetically beautiful website that highlighted only the various services on offer. 
For new cars and used cars, they uploaded large pdf copies of the adverts they ran in the newspapers but these files were often outdated.
About an year ago, Boroko Motors changed the site, using the services of New Zealand outfit that has developed a customised CMS for the car industry.
In my opinion, though the site is not as pretty as before, it’s more effective in selling their cars and other services.
But it still a bit skinny in many areas and needs more work.

PNG Motors

PNG Motors to me has the better internet SEO strategy compared to Boroko Motors and Ela Motors but they fail to use this and instead have what I believe is a very under-performing website.
They changed their old company website, which was a shockingly bad corporate website, to the new look about two years ago.
They do not have pages really dedicated to selling their products, which is quite unfortunate when you consider their search optimisation strategy using key search terms is the best. They rank quite high on the search engine rankings when you search for various brands and also for such terms as PNG Used Cars etc. 
Bit of shame that they let a lot of this traffic goes to waste.
I like the fact that in their newspaper and television adverts, they always include their website details but they really need to improve their website, remove all the dollar signs, and get the site updated.

Freeway Motors

Freeway Motors website hasn’t been updated in over two years. They have a great Internet friendly name and carried out an awesome awareness campaign at the start of last year, it’s the shame that they haven’t matched this with a better, updated website.

Two Fast Motors

Two Fast Motors have developed a solid website with a Facebook page. I think their website needs a bit more organising and more thought to making it easier to use. The pages also load pretty slowly.

They have also developed a Facebook page. With several thousands of Papua New Guineans and expatriates with Facebook accounts, its seems like a pretty good idea. But the challenge is to get people to like their Facebook page in order to have their used car updates appear on their feeds.


The Motors Vehicle Insurance Limited website was previously one html page with an image of the office and contact numbers that didn’t work.
MVIL being the only third party insurer in the country is a monopoly yet it was baffling that they had such a horrendous website.
Well, I am glad to say that recently, with no announcement, they went live with their very cool and very functional, informative website. 
Whoever their designers were, great job. I rate it is that best State Owned Enterprise website in the country.


This Japanese Import car dealer wants to grow its sales presence in PNG.

Recently, they change the look of their website and its functionality, to increase its ‘ease of use.’
They have done a great job. This firm is also very heavy with using its newsletters to send new deals straight to inbox of subscribers.
Danger for them would be the too frequent use of the mailing list, but they have stuck to it, so it must be working for them.

PNG Cars.com

PNG Cars doesn’t sell cars or insurance etc. We just write industry articles and fund through sponsorship.
The site design has remained the same since we launched it, though there are some that feel we must change it, and we shall, once we clock 10,000 readers per month. Currently our statistics around the 5000 per month mark.
We have seen an increasing amount of traffic from interest users in PNG, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries of the world.
I think this is related to our content and to the fact that a lot of people will be heading to PNG and need vehicles and other industry information.
But we have a lot more work to do to improve the website in many ways.

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