Telikom Announces New Prices for EVDO Dongle

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Don’t you just love competition. So Telikom not to be outdone by Digicel have swung in with their broadband USB modem. Digicel currently charges K1.99/MB. Telikom’s offering below is 29toea/MB.

Also a cost of a Telikom USB modem is K120.00 and a Digicel one is K146.00, (not including the cost of a SIM card which is sold separately).

Now before you go rushing into Telikom to buy their USB modem just a word of caution, over the weekend we sponsored the website for the PNG Golf Open. Part of our sponsorship involved updating the golf scores every 5 minutes or so as each golfer moved through each hole, which meant that we had to be online for pretty much the whole day.

The initial plan was to use Daltrons AirSpot WiFi service at the Golf Club, but from past experience from using AirSpot at the Holiday Inn, you can easily burn through a K100 card in one hour.

So we decided to try Telikom’s USB Modem. Although it initially worked for about 10 minutes our attempts to get it working after that were to no avail and we simply grew frustrated and gave up. So we ended up buying a Digicel USB modem which we were able to setup in about 3 minutes and we were then online with no issues at some impressive speeds.

On our busiest day on Sunday which involved updating the results to the Golf website plus facebook and twitter we would have spent about K10 all day. I’m not saying Digicel is the only solution to go by as other Telikom USB users have said that they have had good experiences with their services, but just as many people also complained about the unreliability of Telikom’s service. So in the end we just had to go with who was more reliable.

To be fair to Telikom, their 24/7 customer care number 3456789 does actually work and unlike Digicel I do prefer speaking to a real person as opposed to going through a menu of selections on a machine.


14 thoughts on “Telikom Announces New Prices for EVDO Dongle

  1. This is great news! Finally the internet rates access rates are coming down to levels that the ordinary grassroots people can afford. What telikom need to do now is to make sure their network is reliable 24/7 plus coverage nationwide and not just in the major cities and towns.

  2. I’m afraid you’ve got Digicel’s pricing wrong. Currently Digicel is charging 33t/25t per MB on pre-paid data usage. Peak hours being 8am-8pm. This has been confirmed to me by several Digicel staff. This has changed since the launching of the 3G network.

    Only the postpaid bundles change after the 25th of May.

  3. ..i love this and looking forward to more of this coming from Telikom….simply making communication more affordable to everyone in PNG.

  4. I haven’t tried the Digicel Broadband dongle but have the Telikom EVDO. It’s mostly reliable, the only downside is that even the “””reduced””” rates are significantly more expensive than in Australia. Two YouTube clips can deplete a K20 top-up. And I’m not talking High Def YouTube clips either, just your typical 10 minute clip.

    Forget about software updates or downloading anything but pdfs.

    The Digicel Postpaid plan at 11 toea per MB, is getting to where we need to get to with rates. We have leaders that are hopelessly tech-unsavvy so that doesn’t help any.

    One last comment: Telikom really needs to step up their game with their topping up and also how you can monitor usage. Would it be that difficult to have a system for signing up directly on a website that you get to for free (like Digicel’s)? Going through a million voice prompts just to top. In addition, there should be a pop up that updates continually telling you how much units you have left. Because the rates are so expensive, it would be good to have an idea of where you are without having to go through a million voice prompts to find out.

    Also, they should make it so that you can top up your rait prepaid with SMS banking and/or Internet banking. Most people that are on the Internet are probably either on Internet banking or SMS banking.

    1. Great suggestions Wanpla Man, I will pass your comments on to Telikom to see what they think. I think more feedback like this is beneficial, if they are listening though.

  5. I guess prices are still quite high. I used a Digicel USB modem all day till the early evening and used up K50. So if I spent K50 a day for 30 days thats K1,500.00

    On my Hitron internet service, I use the internet quite heavily and I pay between K400 – K700 a month.

    So a huge difference!

  6. Guys,guys,guy, may be,just may be,these words mighty help and go a long
    way ;”competition, competents and Customer satisfaction.That is whats lacking.Hopefully changes for the better is just around the bend.

  7. Digicel is the best when it comes to as i always say and about half of show biz “there’s no substitute for being the best” so remember there is no price for great service…

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