A Transition Issue in PNG Politics


The father of our nation PNG has been sick for more than a month and we all hope that he is recovering well from his recent heart surgery.

Politics being a dirty game it’s no wonder the rumour mill began cranking out stories of his death recently, which was all untrue. Of course it is again no surprise also that the NA party has begun its internal chest beating to see who will take over from Somare if he passed away. Coalition partner Anderson Aigiru described the whole NA tussle for leadership  as being quite disrespectful and un-Melanesian.

But the fact that we do not have anyone we can easily recognise as being equal to or at least capable of taking over Chief Somare is a great concern to me. Quite simply I don’t think discussions about new leadership are premature, I think now is the perfect time to have this discussion.

Lets face the facts, Chief Somare is 75 years old, he has been in politics for the last 43 years, he is not getting any younger. So the question that needs to be asked is, ‘What is the Transition Plan?’ not who is going to be the next PM.

Regardless of whether Somare makes it back in 2012, he is not going to last forever in politics for various reasons so he and everyone else around him in NA needs to have this discussion openly to ensure that the public knows what the plan is?

We are on the brink of a boom and all we need to know is if policies will still be carried out to ensure our continued economic growth.


4 thoughts on “A Transition Issue in PNG Politics

  1. I don’t know about you, but I think we really need to consider a new leader. It’s not that I have anything against the guy – and no offense to the family – but if our current PM is going to be going in and out of hospital, we really need to think about a new PM. Heck, the Government needs to begin thinking seriously about it, especially the NA. Papua New Guineans can’t be kept in limbo over who is in power and whether or not Sir Michael will be returning to politics. Personally, I think he deserves a break. He’s just had a heart operation and I think he’s at the stage where he really should relax at home. The transition you’re referring to…it should have begun this week. Whatever the Government had on their minds should have been dealt with in Parliament before the end of today and plans should have been arranged for such a case as this, so that future leaders won’t have to argue over such cases and that a new PM would be reinstated. Of course different circumstances would need to be considered as well.

  2. Hey,we are all on the stage called the World.We appear for a little while and do our little bit and must leave the stage so others can do their bit.
    We cant go on being served rice and tinfish all the time, day after day, year after year.We need other good nutritional food in order to develop properly.
    You know what I am saying?Surely there are other God fearing and good human beings around who can do a better job then him.And I am sure there are other bad apples around who would jump in and take his place,only time can tell.PNG needs a knight in shinning armour or a Robin Hood,but who will not thieve his/her way through the political system for their own gain.We shall see very soon,I hope and pray.

  3. Wishing speedy recovery to the Honorable Chief. His shoes will be difficult to fill and PNG will need to select the right person for the job. Perhaps soon.

    I hope PNGians get to know their ministers better that they will pick the right person for the job. I had the honor of meeting Minister of Education, Hon. James Marape. A very humble and honest man in my opinion who has the potential to lead given the chance.

    Ive also seen a presentation given by Minister for National Planning and Rural Development Hon. Paul Tiensten. He knows the economic landscape of PNG well, and would definitely be a key driver to PNGs future economic success.

  4. The Grand Chief, Honourable Prime Minister had made his contibution in the leadership of this country in flying colours, no doubt, despite several gray areas. All Papua New Guineans owe it to him and the early fathers of this nation in his leadership team for captaining us from Self-Government to Independence and now for the last 30 plus years.
    I agree, he had done his bit and can now retire in peace. The illness he is experiencing is obviously a sign of old age and definitely as a result of pressure from pubic duties. We give him our due respect and pray for his recovery!
    However, as the saying goes,”no one man can convert the whole world.” With due respect to him and his extended family and his plolitical party, he has contibuted his bit and perhaps can accept in humility that others can take the assignment and continue the good work he and his teams of leaders had done.
    We must continue to trust great Papua New Guineans who are amongst us, who can do the job just as well with a good team of honest leaders, people with integrity and are god-fearing, carrying on their leadership roles with the motive of giving genuine service to the people.

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