Say Yello to Citifon

Well Hello Yello! Looks like a new kid is on the block from the old dogs at Telikom.

A CDMA based mobile phone service for our major centres and all areas with CDMA coverage. By the sounds of it perhaps this will only be an urban service since they’ve called the service ‘CitiFon’.

So how much?

  • 1 toea SMS
  • 2 toea call per minute

Although I must add those rates are only for CitiFon to CitiFon users. Other features include using the phones as a modem which will cost you 29toea per MB on their PrePaid rate.

Also one interesting feature I like is the music channel. You dial 127 for music at 10toea for the first minute and 6toea per minute afterwards.

Call Telikom’s Customer Care on 345 6789  if you have any queries.


17 thoughts on “Say Yello to Citifon

  1. PNG needs more competition,so bring them on;but I hope the quality of the services rended will be better and toeas per call and smss will be even lower then what Bemobile and Digicel is and have been charging us.It will be good for the general public and hopefully citifon will soon go nationally.Bring them on!!

  2. They fighting a loosing battle on this one.
    CDMA is based only in the city – CDMA is known worldwide to be better on data and poor on voice

    While it is a good competition…its the same thing as the fixed wireless phones…except that the simcard is used on the mobile now..

    I don’t think Telikom is learning…..they just doing whoever consultantants from India is telling them to do


    1. Telikom’s issue is to ensure that they have more base station coverage of the service area of interest. CDMA operates on cell-breathing technology. This means that as more users swamp a Base Station, the cell coverage area shrinks thus dropping voice and data connections for users in fringe areas. They also need to ensure that appropriate Quality of Servrice (QoS) parameters are set for both voice and data services.

  3. but why are they launching this stuff at the yacht club? if the demography is youth how many youths are there at the yacht club? digicel used the yacht club mainly for its blackberry and the tablet and that would seem appropriate. it looks as though citifone is just trying to copy digicel’s marketing without consideration of the target audience of the product. most at the yacht club would probably prefer something that has data service. at least if they’re gonna go to the yacht club they gotta compete with a product similar to blackberry or tablet. otherwise this is a waste of money

    1. Yeap…Good Point Mes!!!Let me tell you why they are using Yacht Club,,Because one of the officers was the former head of marketing for Digicel PNG!!!Its clear in the say yello ad,more like the I love my digicel one..thats why they’re adapting digicel’s way of marketing!!!The say yello ad is on everyones head,I even love the ad,its just a way of marketing..When it comes to data service,Telikom has the edge over the other 2,they can progress through their data service but not voice!!

  4. Telikom ran out of citifones on Saturday at the Boroko shop. You’d think that they’d stock enough phones before they launched the product.

    Oh well, I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect from Telikom.

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