Chief Somare Can Be Removed

Source: Pacific Business Review, by Tereni Kens

The parliament by now should look at appointing a new prime minister and it is incumbent on the acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal to take the necessary step forward

The challenge comes in light of long overdue leave of absence and why the government is kept mum about the health of the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare which is becoming a concern for many Papua New Guineans as to whether the country does have a mandated prime minister.

In breaking the silence over this issue, former attorney general and Rabual MP Dr Allan Marat revealed that the prime minster can be removed as stipulated in the constitution.

“Under the ministerial determination the prime minister is responsible for the constitution and the constitution as a law,  is a document that protects the rights of almost 7 million people of Papua New Guinea. Under section 142 of the constitution subsection 5 paragraph c, there is expressed provision where the prime minister is physically or mentally incapacitated, parliament may remove him,” he said.

Dr. Marat who is one of the opposition spokesman explained that the fact that there is an acting prime minister, an office that is created by section 143, does not remove the necessity of removing a prime minister provided for in section 142 subsection 5 paragraph c because the grounds are expressed for the removal of the prime minister.

“So just because we have an acting prime minister does not mean that government has to rest on its laurels and just allow the so called leave of absence to continue. Under the standing orders, there is no provision for extension of a leave of absence. What has been granted by parliament and once it expires it comes to an end. You cannot extend, the standing orders do not allow for leave of absence.

“So it is in the best interest of almost 7 million people of Papua New Guinea that the constitutional fathers of this nation in thir wisdom saw fit to make a provision like section 142, subsection 5 paragraph c. There is express provision there, where the prime minister is in capable of managing the office of prime minister, he may be removed by parliament,” Dr. Marat emphasized.

He noted that it is incumbent now for the acting prime minister to give directions to two medical practitioners to come up with the reports on the physical and mental condition of the prime minister in the interest of Papua New Guineans.

“Have two medical practitioners appointed and make a report on the condition of the prime minister. That report then goes to the speaker of the National Parliament. The speaker then presents the report to parliament and on the basis of those two reports, parliament them makes a decision on whether to remove the prime minister and appoint a new prime minister. I think the process is simple but why are we taking a sort of laid back attitude?” he asked.

On the same note Opposition Leader Belden is urging Mr. Abal to immediately appoint two new ministers, thus asking why it is taking too long to do this.

“The acting prime minister has taken the decision to sack two ministers and this country cannot be held at ransom by one person or group of people for the sake of holding on to power for the sake of holding on to power when the people of Papua New Guinea deserve the best from its leaders.

“The fact that the acting prime minister has made a decision to sack the Petroleum and Energy minister and also the Foreign affairs minister, we demand that he completes that process by appointing two new ministers quickly,” he said.

Mr. Namah said these are two important portfolios and as such to prolong the appointments was to send the wrong message to foreign investors at large and especially the important PNG LNG project.

Also former prime minister and opposition leader Sir Mekere Morauta urged Mr. Abal to make decisions where it matters and not to be pushed around or be influenced by external forces.

“It is very clear that the acting prime minster’s movements are choreographed by someone else. He’s hopelessly  strung to a string. He’s only a mouth piece. He’s a puppet. we need an elected prime minister,” said Sir Mekere.

4 thoughts on “Chief Somare Can Be Removed

  1. Dr. Marat’s statement : “I think the process is simple but why are we taking a sort of laid back attitude?”

    I feel the Dr. is wrong in this assumption. This is not a simple issue, nor should it be rushed through parliament. This is a process that should be well thought out and discussed in great length within parliament. We are talking about replacing the leader of the great nation of PNG! If he would like something done, why doesn’t he write up a proposal and submit it to parliament? Cover all the bases first good Dr.! Where is his well thought out plan for making this happen? He is merely blowing hot air into the wind!

    1. Dare I say,all this talk about Provision this and that subsection this and that,Standing Orders and Provision for extension sounds too techincal and legalistic for a basic average person like me;but from where I am coming from;it seems very straight forward and simple ! Get someone esle there,business of running the Parliament of the nation of PNG must go on,we simply cannot wait around and for what?

      He is sick and is not in his office to perform his duty,so parliament should do the correct political move for the benefit of the whole of PNG!What is so hard about that?
      Being sick may mean he is unable to do any physical work though mentally he may be thinking but still he is not in the office,he is not performing his duty in the flesh.

      We need to move on and not sit around and wait,its a wasted space,time and eneryg not forming or doing what is suppose to be done.We are made poorer all the more because legislations that are suppose to be protecting us do get any hearing from the floor of the parliament for example.Why because the Boss is not in the office.
      But the “China line”They are still working and earning and breaking every rule under the sun of PNG,and the corrupt deals still go on and simple PNGs are working for next to nothing under these “China line”.When do we get a fair deal for a fair days work?
      Thirty Years and counting, where next, what next, when next, who next, why next ?????

      If I sound like I am waffling,well thats oK with me.I have aired my frastrating !

  2. As an interested observer from across the Torres Strait, it seems that the two biggest impediments to political change in PNG are a lack of information at the kunai roots and a seeming unwillingness for those with the knowledge of what’s going on to communicate it to their wantoks in the bush.

    If that seems a trifle harsh, I’m sorry but that’s the way it seems from where I am.

    Communication and knowledge are the two essential ingredients that have been lacking and therefore have allowed corruption and malfeance to thrive, often due to a misguided notion of clan loyalty and regional solidarity.

    Educated PNG people must take their knowledge to their own people and explain why their country is as it has become.

    Look at how difficult Emmanuel has found it to get ‘Tanim Graun’ up and running? Where are all his countrymen and women who should be supporting ideas and initiatives like this with funds and active support?

    Ol wantoks. Girap na mekim savi! Inogat planti taim.

    1. Paul,I read wih interest but that is just the way it is hia,but slowly slowly (but surely)the educated and the “save and the wise are finding their the footing.
      Maybe in my bubus(grandchildren) life time all three, the educated,wise and the save will lead PNG out of the laidback attitude most of us PNGs have.Little by little I like to think that we PNGs are coming to a realisation that Life is meant to be better then what we have been used to for the past 30years and counting.We simply cannot just sit around anymore.

      Life is just too short to just dream about how we would like PNG to be(by us ordinary forks) and we do nothing on our part.Mauswara (by politicians,beaurautics and academics and no actions on their part.We have that dream that life hia in PNG could be and should be better;then we must flow with action and all strieve for the betterment of all 19 or 21 Provinces of PNG.
      Individuals within themselves need to realise its PNGs igenda and not Regionalism and wantokism when they get to that Parliament . With the best of intensions I know some people get in there to make a difference but so often these individuals have come against great many challenges and obstacles and they “Bend” towards the flow and we all moan and complain about them.They like us, need encouragement from where they are.
      Like you said about Emmanuel with his ‘Tanim Graun’.,where was the support when he needed it?We PNGs need to get behind woman or man like Manuel and encourage them along.
      Lastly ,right now all those in the PNG Parliament I hope need Never Again set their dirty feet into Parliament come next election.But that depends on us PNGs who go to vote next year 2012 to vote.Open wide your eyes and see all around you,we have very little to show for all the BOOM we have had experienced for the past 10 or more years and counting.
      Make your vote count PNGs !Because if you follow your ‘BIG MAN’ he will lead you into another 4/5years of more politics and we will all be all the more poorer for it.God helps us all PNG,we need a change for the good.

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