Looking for Melanesian Masquerade & Body Art performers

An opportunity to tour the UK and Europe for Fashion Designers & Melanesian Masquerade, Body Art performers

This is a lifetime opportunity for 2 fashion/costume Designers and Body Art Performers/Actors from PNG/Melanesia.

Musical Drama
In conjunction with The Melanesian Way Foundation Inc PNG and the ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors is in the process of developing a cross cultural production that brings Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific on stage in a musical drama in Europe. It will be based on transformation and masquerades according to the guidelines of a call of proposal from the European Union involving the ACP countries.

The project will showcase 120 spectacles in theatres around 10 European cities over a 12 months period.

The Artists:
The costume or the fashion designer must have good knowledge and experience in Melanesian Masquerade, Body Art and culture. He/she will be responsible for costume design and the stage design.

The performer / dancer / actor must be versatile, as a general singer and a dancer with strong knowledge of dance and music in Melanesian culture. Must have experience in stage performance and an actor with high flexibility.

How to participate  
If you can be one of these or know of someone who can be one of these, please contact the PNG-based Melanesian Arts and Cultural Performers Group on cell-phone: 73806665, or email:

*If you are an artist of some sort and interested to participate in some other projects, register your interest with The Melanesian Way Inc. (http://www.melanesianway.blogspot.com) via email at: pac.inter@ymail.com


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