Who Has The Right To Let Bougainville Go?


Last week on FM100 Talk Back, Peter Donigi raised an interesting question. Who ultimately has the right to give Bougainville autonomy?

Is it the PNG Government? Is it the ARB Government? Is it the Bougainville people? Or is it the whole of PNG who should be part of the referendum to let them go?

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Who Has The Right To Let Bougainville Go?

  1. Bougainville is still part of PNG but common sense would require dialogue with the people before any decisions are made.The people of PNG have delegated their support to their respective Open Member.

      1. I hope the Referendum, if it really goes ahead, does not replicate in other areas of PNG. Although there are autonomy-talks area already in these Provinces, ENBP, NIP and Morobe. Fragmentation is the last thing we need.

        I guess both your comments are credible. Bougainvilleans to give their thoughts and would not hurt to see what fellow Paua New Guineans think also.

        I guess we also need to ask why they want autonomy? Well there are obvious answers. But I guess an important issue is how we decide to share the resources. That has played a significant part in this autonomy-thing….Waigani is getting fat at the expense of the provinces. I guess it’s about time, or maybe well over-due, to overhaul the whole sharing thing. Let’s do a ‘home-grown’ one…made for PNG for the people of PNG.

        GOD bless

      2. Missed Peter Donigi’s rationale on this big political issue… but I hope for PNG to start amending Laws on referendums so an amendment Act of Parliament is created to resolve the Bouganville question, eg, if need be, a two level referendum be cast, one for people in ARB only and another for everyone in PNG on the Bougtanville quesiton, matters like re-drawing of political boundaries must be legislated to so that whatever the outcome of the vote, PNG is not left unaware like it is now to the two new provinces Law?

    1. Ernie

      We all know from 30years so far the delegated member does not really express the majority’s point of view,he has to please his political ‘crack’ heads so his position is already compromised.The decision must go back to the grassroots ; to the ordinary people.It is their land their choice,yes, they are part of PNG but that still does not give us the right to decide for them.We can hold dialogue and and let them know of the consequence.

      We have learned from Politicians for the past 30 years the country has been stagnant in governance and look at the other Provinces,practically runned down.No, I do not agree with you when it comes to the decision to be made by the member.Give it back to the people themselves.

      Papua New Guineans are now politically aware and they will not ‘sit by’ and let this ‘doggy dogs’ life go on.Enough has’nt been done to date,give the people the power to decide after much debate and after much consideration weighing out all options.That should be the way to go.

      Em personal tingting bilong mi tasol….

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