Papua New Guinea has a new Prime Minister in Peter O’Neill.

Parliament voted 70 for Mr. O’Neill and 24 against.

Opposition Leader Belden Namah nominated Mr. O’Neill and member for Mt. Hagen, William Duma seconded.

The change in the Prime Ministership follows the announcement by the Speaker Geoffrey Nape in Parliament this afternoon that the position of the Prime Minister was vacant.


Update 03/08/11


Dear Sirs

Congratulations on your chaotic power grab.

The nation now watches with angst as you position yourself to sail this Ship to the next elections.

The challenge to Sam Basil and Belden Namah is to ensure that the issues you have continuously been bitching about are resolved in time for the next elections

In May this Year Reginald Renagi had an article published in PNG Attitude titled Time to Govern in the National Interest. He wrote;

“Today, PNG lacks competent political leadership. Since 2002 the government has failed to realistically address what is wrong. So far, the government’s overall performance has been very mediocre. I doubt it will improve before the country goes to the polls next year.”

It was also in May that Mr. Namah had an article published in PNG Attitude that outlined what in his opinion was The National Interest. In introducing the article, Mr. Namah stated;

“I AM NOW CONVINCED that the Somare Government does not consider the interests of local people or the country to be of any importance.”

Mr. Namah then pointed out evidence including Amendments to the Environment Act, Dumping of Ramu Mine Waste into the Bismarck Sea and the Financial Concessions given to the Ramu mine project.

Meanwhile Mr. Basil had an article published in April 2010 in PNG BLOGS in which he highlighted the developmental challenges facing the country. Mr. Basil wrote;

“God save Papua New Guinea’ is one phrase that any one person would want to say given the country’s current situation where government services are non-existent in rural areas and more so when corruption seemed to take precedence.”

Gentlemen, you are now in power. The nation expects nothing less than fulfillment of your own words.

The nation agrees with you Mr. Namah that it does not need another Ok Tedi at Basamuk Bay.

The nation agrees with you Mr. Basil that “government services are non-existent in rural areas and more so when corruption seemed to take precedence.” It therefore expects nothing less than INVESTIGATIONS into all forms of corruption including the Special Agriculture Based Leases (SABLs).

The TRINITY for sustainable development in Papua New Guinea are (1) Investments in Governance (2) Investments in Transport and Communications Infrastructure and (3) Investments in Human Capital.

Mining, Forestry, Fisheries, Oil and Gas projects have brought destruction to the environment, have divided and destroyed local communities and have gotten huge tax holiday concessions from the State. Is that what development looks like?

Gentleman, you do have enough time to bring change because the ideas you’ve written about are shared by many in this nation of ours. You have to provide GOOD LEADERSHIP NOW and the nation will follow your footsteps.

Failure is not an option!

Kind regards

Martyn Namorong

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