The Full List of Peter O’Neill’s Cabinet

by Michael Russell Asagoni, NBC News

The full Cabinet of the O’Neill-Namah Government has finally been announced. Ministers and their respective portfolios have been gazetted, and are as follows:

1. Ialibu and Pangia MP, Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister.
2. Belden Namah, is his deputy while also holding the Forest and Climate Change Ministry.
3. Key economic portfolios, including Treasury and Finance remains with Don Polye,
4. Sam Basil takes up National Planning while
5. Sir Mekere Moratau remains State Enterprise Minister.
6. William Duma retains the Petroleum and Energy Ministry, while
7. Lae’s Bart Philemon is Public Service Minister and Justice Minister and
8. Attorney General is Dr Allen Marat. New to the job are
9. Ken Fearweather Housing,
10. David Arore Higher Education,
11. Guma Wau Defense,
12. Andrew Mald Community Development,
13. Theo Zurenuoc Education,
14. Thomson Harokaqeh Environment,
15. Benjamin Philip Tourism and Sali Subam Sports Minister. Old hands include
16. Sir Puka Temu as Agriculture Minister,
17. Ano Pala as Foreign Affairs and Immigration and
18. Charles Abel Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry.
19. Industrial Relations goes to Martin Aini,
20. Health to Jamie Maxtone Graham,
21. Internal Security remains with John Boito,
22. Job Pomat takes up Fisheries,
23. Sai Beseo is Correctional Service Minister,
24. Jim Miringtoro Communication and
25. Mark Maipakai is Minister for Inter-Government relations.
26. Francis Awesa is Transport Minister,
27. Byron Chan, Works,
28. Moses Maladina Implementation and Rural Development,
29. Steven Pirika Bougainville Affairs,
30. Lucas Dekena holds Lands and
31. Puri Ruing is Civil Aviation Minister.
32. Minister Assisting Prime Minister on constitutional matters is Waka Goi.


9 thoughts on “The Full List of Peter O’Neill’s Cabinet

  1. A big line-up. Looks good however there are few that I’m not really comfortable with; Forestry, Defense, Finance & Treasury, and Works. I’m not really confident that they are the right pick.

    But again only time will tell, I may be wrong.

    GOD help them.

    1. JoshuaGen, I t is huge big line up and more money to go into ministrial pockets no doubt,but that is to be expected if you want to stay in power.Like you am not so moved by some of the line up,one of them is DUMA.He was sitting in that ministrial for quite a while and bought himself a 1/2million dollar house in Cairns and did not rise an eyelid in regard to the asking price of the house. It was news in the Australian and I think Cairns Post,correct me if I am wrong.There is a lot gaps in that news.

      Tell me how many ministers should there be in anyone government of the day,can anyone help me hia.Have we had that many in other times before?
      To me there seems to be one too many,more money spent on keeping the ministers in the government.

      We shall see how it all eventutes before our eyes.

  2. Hi the line up is headed by Png’s top criminal convicts or to be convicts, Let me state here that NPF inquiry needs to be revisted to clear Peter’s innocents, Belden Nama is a convict charged with mutiny and sentenced should still be in Jail and also does not qualify to be holding public office. How on earth did the electrol commission approve his nomination to be a candidate at the first place. He lead this country into anarchy. The speaker Jefrey Napa was a convict prior to becoming a politician. The three top post are confirmed crooks, If this country is really to wipe out corruption we should start with this leaders.
    On the other side, Grand chief was convicted and found gulity on thirteen charges and penalised without pay for 2 weeks, was that a light sentence, he should have been terminated from office.

    The list goes on, the likes of Tienstein, Arthur and the lot they rot, stink of dirt. we should remove all these crooks in the coming 2012 elections.

  3. In the short history of this government, it seems that the PM and his ministers have been on alot of overseas trips for one forum or another with large contingents.
    The PM is on his way to Honolulu next week for example. The question I would like to ask is that for the amount of money that our country spends on these trips, what real tangible benefits do we get out of these big groups globetrotting around the place? Why does the PM want to travel all the way to Honolulu for some environmental conference when in his own backyard in Lae, there are serious socio-ethn0-demographic issues to be dealt with?
    I am sure what he will learn from the conference in Honolulu he could easily download from the internet in his office and read about.
    His people in Lae need him right now.

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    how can I get my business name registered ( rapanika traders) and when will I receive my IPA certificate because I have registered it with provincia
    l commerce office on the April 2014.Thank you. Herman Mamina.

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