When the hell is NCDC going to come and clean this mess?

I have to drive past this mess every single day on my way to meetings. I live and work near Gordons market and this pile of rubbish is where buai market sellers have since gathered, which is near the shops at Gordons Market.

I keep hearing Governor Parkop say on radio that the city manager has been instructed but they have not done anything as yet. Well Parkop, if they continue to defy orders then sack them, this is getting ridiculous.

And for the buai sellers out there, do you really have to sit in this filth everyday? Police have come and chased them off, city ranger have come and flung their buai on the streets but they still persist. I know its an income for allot of them, but do we really have to conduct ourselves like this?

Just in case you’re not sure what you are looking at here, this is an actual street which has somehow grown a pothole which has filled up with rain water and is now slowly marinating buai skins and other filth.

I’ve seen many roadside markets in Melanesian countries like the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu but we really take it to another level in PNG.


4 thoughts on “When the hell is NCDC going to come and clean this mess?

  1. Manu, I couldn’t agree with you more…displa market (which shouldn’t even be there in the first place) em bagarap na bagarap olgeta. We had to wade through this rubbish when commuting between Nine Mile and Gordons when we were living up at Morobe blok. Come on NCDC, get your act together and do something about this!

  2. Well, Immanual, there a two problems: Chewers irresponsibility and lack of control measures. First boils down to the person muncing on Buai, Lime and Daka. ALL the people involved in Buai trade, whether sellers or buyers, are uncivilised. I prefer not to call them ‘longlongs’ unless they dispose off their rubbish in a proper way. In my opinion those who chew bettel nuts tend to momentarily lose their ability to do right. If a well educated PNGean catergorically places him/herself in this realm, what about the tugs at Gordon’s Mkt? Observe some of the public servants at Waigani during lunch hour. They often appear to be in a frenzzy of spitting and littering. If your are a Buai Chewer who spits and litters, consider yourself unworthy to call yourself Papua New Guinean. You do not WORTH it! Unfortunately, the reality is that spitting and littering occur everywhere a Buai market in found. Those areas will not be clean unless people chew responsibly. The later requires local authorities to put in contolled-measures and police them strictly. Does it sound familiar in NCDC? Pakop has done that. Had he failed? Rather, did the people at Gordons Mkt failed him? The onus is on us. As I am writing this, I am sure that a Buai Seller at Gondon’s Mkt will not read this, but a chewer. Ask yourself this question: Am I longlong? Immanuel, this is a matter of individual principle. Keep littering and ask Tom-Dick-&-Hary to clean it up or stop and have a clean environment.

    1. May be we can all do something and this may be a big ask but can this be done and will the people follow,those in authority and ordinary folks:
      1/ Do not buy buai for a month or if you buy take it home and do your messy chewing in and around your home area.
      2/ Have buai sellers sell their stuff out of the city perimeter (not at 9mile but further out maybe 11mile or 18mile where that maybe.
      3/ Law not to chew buai in any puplic places and fine on the spot,forget the friends and wantok mentality and fine them,if they are caught.
      4/ Educating them about health and hygiene,being clean about everything.
      5/Educating them about being proud of their country, ‘ lainim ol long pasin na tingting bilong’ being nationalist and being patriotic.No wonder Somare got his friends from mainland China to come out by the plane,boat and truckload(?), perharps we might learn heaps from them about being nationalist and patriotic,they had it pushed down their throats whether they liked it or not.They got thrown in jail if they did not follow government orders coming from the officials who carried out orders.

      Get those who do not obey orders thrown in jail if they keep on doing what they have been told not to do;off course after two or three times of warnings.

      But I would like to end on like this;it all comes back to each Papua New Guinean,get up and do something.Example to start with the members of your family that if they chew buai,they must do the right by not spitting and throwing buai skin everywhere; education of whateve kind, it all starts at home.It all starts with you,me and every dog name boo’o.

  3. The city council has Regulations on littering and it is also responsible for maintaining cleanliness within the city. It is therefore logical that they first of all have to remove the buai sellers from that particular spot and ban the trade from occuring there. Once that is done, it can send its workmen to clean up the area and restore it to its previous state. If those engaged in the trade continue to despise and disobey regulations of the city authority then it is within the powers of the authority to get them arrested and sued. It is as simple as that.

    We cant suggest options which are unrealistic, like telling people to stop chewing betelnut, as they have the right to chew.

    Another thing that comes to mind is that the filth there simply reflects the mentality and personal traits of people who litter, i.e that they are very irresponsible and have a no-care attitude and whose homes must be filled with litter.

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