A Case of Leadership in the Region

The Lowy Institute Conference here in Auckland wrapped up last night.

I have to catch the dreaded 6am flight, so I thought maybe I’d forgo the sleep and make use of the fast, cheap internet access to upload some pictures from the Auckland trip, and also to write a quick post before I began my 6 hour flight back to PNG. (I’ll just sleep on the plane).

You can see the main points of my paper here and you can listen to an interview I did with Sam Roggeveen of the Lowy Interpreter here.

Pic by Lowy Interpreter

I’ll write a bit more on the conference this week, but what became apparent to me both in the conference and in the corridors with the attendees was that PNG had an enormous role to play in the Pacific.

The theme of the conference was based around opportunities in the pacific and time and time again PNG’s name was brought up in terms of resources and opportunities to take the country to a new level.

Outside and in the corridors a number of Pacific Islanders kept reiterating that with issues like the governance and future of the Melanesian Spearhead Group and as an extension of that the situation in Fiji and West Papua, PNG was really the only country with the resources to set the path for a new Melanesia if only it had the political will.


2 thoughts on “A Case of Leadership in the Region

  1. A Tongan friends keeps of telling everbody that PNG unlike other smaller Pacific islands have not only minerals,gas and oil but PNG also has rich soil to grow food to feed the rest of the Island Nations.
    I cringe whenever she comes up with the all her lovely comments ; because that may be true to some extend, but what is missing is the political WILL to get all these working for the general good of the Nation of Papua New Guinea.
    Where PNGs (including the 20 other neglected provinces) are seen to be paticipating and not left out.Where the greatest of resources the HUMAN RESOURCE is educated,trained ;sent to colleges (Tafe andTechnical ) should they fall through the gaps of the system; so that they can help in developing all the “Good Things” PNG has.Right now this is not happening so, when the Boom is busted what are we to do then? Are we to continue crying to Australia give us more Aid?Aren’t we 32years only now,should be be “old and ugly enough” now to manage our own affairs?Where is the Political WILL?

    Maybe,young PNGs with the political will and determination (and course,much more besides)to see the Nation of PNG move out of the “mi blong Gulf na you blong where” mentality and take us into this time of ‘plenty’ we now have before it slips through our fingers.We young and new blood in the next Haus,but those with a heart for the Nation. Maski long mi highs na yu?

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