Loans made easy with mobileSMK

Source: Post Courier By ESTELLA CHEUNG

MONI Plus clients and customers will now be able to receive personal loans up to K5, 000 in an instant through Mobile Salim Moni Kwik (mobileSMK).

Moni Plus, a company that provides financial services such as personal loans, asset and equipment finance and term deposits, announced a partnership with Post PNG’s mobileSMK yesterday.

Post PNG financial services general manager, Kenei Gumaru said it’s been just five weeks after the launch of mobileSMK and already close to K1 million has been transferred through mobileSMK.

He said the partnership with Moni Plus was to use the mobileSMK to pay our loans directly to their customer’s mobile phones or mobileSMK accounts. “Loans from Moni Plus of up to K5, 000 can be paid to mobileSMK account,” he said.

Mr Gumaru said the service would benefit customers who would not have to pay 10 to15 per cent at the shops to cash their cheques quickly.

Now customers can get cash of the personal loans they take out with Moni Plus, at any post office or mobileSMK agent.

“We believe this partnership is very valuable and the relationship will go a long way,” he said.
Mr Gumaru said mobileSMK already has about 15,000 active customers, but the figure is expected to increase after partnering with Moni Plus.

He congratulated Moni Plus for preferring the mobileSMK option to pay out loans to its customers, which would be convenient for customers.

Moni Plus marketing and sales supervisor, Noreen Boino Gubag thanked Post PNG for partnering with Moni Plus, saying the service would be good and convenient for Moni Plus customers who are outside of Port Moresby such as government departments like the police, defence or correctional services officers, teachers and even private companies.

“With Plus Moni, our service is very fast, but with this service, we will provide the funds to them within the hour if the loans lodged in,” she said.

Clients wishing to use the service only need to complete the mobile SMK registration process and a Moni Plus application form.

After Moni Plus approves the loan, the client would have it transferred to his or her mobileSMK account in less than 15 minutes.

Moni Plus has been operating since 1999 and has approximately 12,000 customers.


11 thoughts on “Loans made easy with mobileSMK

  1. I am hoping to apply for a school fee loan though I have a hard copy of your application form currently with me. My contact Florian kauke, NBC Madang 7674 5395 or QUESTION Can I fil he form and fax it across with other requirements like latest copy of payslip etc? Thansk for the service! FKauke.

  2. I am currently teaching in Kavieng but am in Lae for holidays.
    I’ve made several loans with moniplus, and currently i’m in a situation which I really need financial aid. Also currently I have a loan repayment with Norman’s Finance of K140. fortnightly. Am I still eligible to make a loan? What are some of the requirments?

      1. Would you please give me the contact details? I’ve been calling the current numbers but couldn’t get through!

  3. Im a vop village oil palm outgrower, I’m interested to obtain a loan off k5000! Please I need more info from you..thanks.

  4. My loan matured on april 27 n moni plus is still deducting what they say a rebate which is stealing …

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